Solve my problem: Covering a larger area in one cure

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2019, Volume 53, Issue 4

How The CURE, TC-3 curing light saves dentists time and ensures they won’t miss any part of a restoration.

The problem: Successfully curing a large restoration can be difficult

There are several factors that must be taken into account when light-curing a restoration. On top of those variables, restorations that are large or in difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth can lead to complications.


The solution: The CURE, TC-3

  • The CURE, TC-3 is a cordless curing light with an 11-mm lens, designed to easily cover a larger area, such as a 10-mm molar, for a fast cure without missing a thing.

  • The uniquely designed flat back head and low-profile design is said to ensure easy access to all areas of the mouth. 

  • The LED has four diodes in the tip to provide multiple wavelength output (440-465 nm), capable of polymerizing almost all light-cured dental materials.

  • The all-metal housing is engineered to be durable, easy to disinfect and virtually unbreakable.

  • Weighing only 3.1 ounces, the curing light is said to prevent hand fatigue, and the unique ergonomic shape provides a comfortable grip from any angle.