Taking quick, efficient digital scans

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2019, Volume 53, Issue 4

How the QuickScan iOS is enabling clinicians to acquire highly detailed digital impressions for chairside printing or milling.

QuickScan iOS is Denterprise International Inc.’s new offering in the realm of intraoral scanners. It utilizes the latest technology to offer accurate digital scans in an efficient, timely manner, generating digital images much more quickly than with traditional impressions.

“It’s incredibly fast,” says Danny Domingue, DDS, who practices in Lafayette, Louisiana. He noted how user-friendly he has found the QuickScan iOS software to be.

The QuickScan iOS’s high-quality 3,000 FPS laser imaging highlights potential health issues with pinpoint precision. It offers full-color digital 3D scans and powderless diagnostic scanning, allowing for full, radiation-free diagnostic scans of the inside of patients’ mouths.

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Dr. Domingue has found the size of QuickScan iOS appealing. “QuickScan has a smaller handle and tip. It’s also lighter in weight [than comparable products],” he says.

QuickScan iOS helps offices to keep accurate dental records on file for use in ongoing and future dental work, making recordkeeping much more efficient.

QuickScan iOS doesn’t just help professionals though; it makes going to the dentist more comfortable for patients too. The product eliminates the need for impression material, not only saving time but also allowing patients to avoid the uncomfortableness usually associated with getting impressions taken.

“The QuickScan uses an external heating element to heat up the mirror to prevent it from fogging,” Dr. Domingue says. He predicts some patients will like this feature when compared to other systems that use blowing hot air to prevent fogging in the mirror.


Scans from QuickScan iOS can be viewed in leading software such as 3Shape, exocad and Blue Sky Bio. It’s also compatible with Windows products.

The accuracy and performance of QuickScan iOS is equal to that of other leading scanners, as proven by testing completed by independent labs. However, what sets QuickScan iOS apart from its competitors is its affordable price.

“The biggest questions dentists have when purchasing these products are No. 1 cost and No. 2 ease of use,” Dr. Domingue says. He notes that the QuickScan iOS delivers on both fronts.

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Cost and usability are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of all that the QuickScan iOS has to offer, as some of its more attractive characteristics aren’t evident until a dentist has had a chance to really delve into using the scanner and spend some time with it.

“What dentists don’t factor in initially is software and hardware speed. This comes later once they start to play with their newly purchased machine,” Dr. Domingue says.

Dr. Dominigue notes that while other intraoral scanners available might be faster - even markedly so - they’re also prohibitively expensive, with some requiring subscription fees. The QuickScan iOS is still a fast scanner, and

Dr. Domingue hopes that the affordable price point will help to drive down the cost of scanners in general.
Offering usability and speed in an affordable package, the QuickScan iOS isn’t just an attractive new product for dentists; Dr. Domingue says it might just prove to be a game-changer in the field of intraoral scanners