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CDA 2024 Interview with Kuraray Noritake's Dinesh Sinha and Richard Young, DDS


At CDA 2024, Dinesh Sinha, PhD, senior technical and marketing manager, dental division, Kuraray America, and Richard Young, DDS, talk with Dental Products Report managing editor Stan Goff about 2 new dental materials unveiled by Kuraray Noritake. [7 minutes]

Video Transcription:

Hi, I'm Stan Goff with Dental Products Report. I am at the CDA. I am very thrilled to have just seen an amazing presentation here with Kuraray. We have Dinesh [Sinha] here with Kuraray and we have Dr Richard Young and it was a couple of new products [launched] today. It seems like Kuraray has had a long line of great products and I'm always wondering like how you're going to top it. It kind of looks like you guys may have done that this time, but you tell us about that.

Dinesh Sinha: Yes, this year at CDA we are launching 2 new products. A new adhesive CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick 2 and a new composite, a flowable composite. Maybe Dr Young will explain a little bit why it's a different flowable composite that you can use it not just as your regular liner, but a material that you can use to fill cavities. It's called CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES Flow Universal.

Stan Goff: During the presentation, I was amazed by some of the cases you showed and then also just the viscosity. I mean, why don't you tell us a little bit about…there's a lot of benefits…but some of the many benefits of the product.

Dr Richard Young: Yeah, I mean I've done a lot with composite over the years and I love flowables and I always have my favorite of theirs, [CLEARFIL] MAJESTY Flow because it would go where I wanted it and stay, but I've always wanted a little more viscosity especially for I do a lot of black triangles with the Bioclear Matrix and that kind of work. So, I'm wanting some hydraulics and I wanted to have a one composite that would have the hydraulics and flow and do what I wanted it to do and wouldn't always have to be heated if I didn't want to heat it. But I could heat it and it still wouldn't be too runny. And when this composite came along with its ability to pull shade, especially in the black triangle areas, it's like wow, this is really cool because now you got kind of a no brainer. And you just go and inject and it works and then it literally goes like an ice cream cone to whatever height you want. Plus, it's strong, and we'll have Dinesh talk about its strength because I'm going to trust it a lot of places.

Stan Goff: Yeah, I mean, obviously bond strength. I mean, you need it, you want it and Kuraray is kind of known for it. In the presentation earlier today. I got the impression this is very darn strong.

Dinesh Sinha: Yeah, especially when it's bonding. As Dr Young mentioned. It's very important for us because that's how we started our business in dental by developing first dental adhesives in the 1970s then we introduce MDP Monomer. So, we came a long way with the different, different, different adhesives. But this year this particular adhesive is stronger because we are introducing a new adhesive, a new monomer introducing to the adhesive called UTM monomer that will really increase the strength of the adhesive layers. And when it comes to the composite, what we are doing is we have a special filler loading technology that you can increase your filler loading without adding so much monomers. So, composite is strong enough that you can use in all cavity classes. Not only are the class Vs, not as a liner, but as a restorative material because 78% filled and it's physically strong that you can it's indicated use for all cavity classes.

Stan Goff: And you talked too, in the past, I mean one-bottle solutions I mean, a while back that wasn't something you thought you were going to do and it seems like companies like Kuraray keep surprising you and keep coming up with newer, better products. Why don’t You tell us a little about that?

Dr Richard Young: Well, yeah, so I've been with the company since 1985. Ray Bertolotti [DDS] introduced it to us at The Kahala Hilton in Hawaii with [CLEARFIL] New Bond and I've never left the company for 38 years nor has my wife, who is my partner practicing dentistry, and we both use these products. So, we and I didn't mention this earlier, and I should have brought them, we have some postop Class IIs, that we're done in 1990. They still look like they were today. And so, I've always had a belief in their bonds and never have we had one fail. But when they brought the one-bottles out, I was really pretty hesitant and I have friends who would say ‘well, you're crazy’. But I thought well, we've trusted Kuraray this long. They've never failed us. I've used PANAVIA since day one. And if they're making a one-bottle, I don't think they're going to throw something out there that's going to really screw us up and mess up the whole thing. And so far, it’s been pretty amazing, and this new one has really got me intrigued because of the film thickness, increase in bond strength, and just the chemistry behind it with MDP and the Amide and all these monomers. So, you know, I have a lot of faith in this company but so do all of you because you're using it in a lot of ways you don't realize. A lot of your leather and your synthetic leathers and your products, windshields, there's a lot of stuff so we trust them in other ways we don't know.

Stan Goff: And it's always nice that you can keep coming up with new materials that docs have confidence in. They try and they work and then they show other clinicians how well it works and it's just, it's great when you’ve got a really good clinician wanting to try, and trusting you…wanting to try the new product.

Dinesh Sinha: Yeah, absolutely. As Dr. Young mentioned, we never want to put the product that's not tested enough at our R&D. We have a very good R&D team. They commit their time to develop great chemistry. Then we have great quality control team. We want the first drop of the bonding agent and the last drop of your bonding agent, the bottle that have the same qualities. So great quality control, and great R&D that made this possible. Not staying with the same chemistry that we used 20 years ago. Move forward developing new products. People like Dr. Young who does bonding, after how many years they stay in the places that you put them.

Dr Richard Young: And you know, the funny thing is, is when they brought out UBQ [Universal Bond Quick], my friends that know me, you know they're going ‘are you nuts man? Why would you ever use a one bottle, it's got no history?’ Then I go you don't realize with Kuraray it's been tested for 6 years at Tokyo University before they even brought it out. So, it already had some coverage so I went I kind of laid it out and went for it.

Stan Goff: I think you impressed a lot of people with these 2 latest products and now it's like, you have to get back to work. It's going to be hard to top these.

Dinesh Sinha: Yeah, always we test immensely inside the company, and all the people and great clinicians like Dr Young, and dental schools in Japan and in the United States, they help us to test our products, validate ourselves and give great ideas in the new developments. Without them we are not here. So, we always appreciate as I mentioned, because of them, we can develop this great products and people like us thank you so much.

Stan Goff: Thank you.

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