Changing the implant workflow

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2019, Volume 53, Issue 4

Rounding up the surgical guides and implant planning software currently on the market.

Roughly 3 million people in the United States have implants, and that number is expected to grow by 500,000 each year, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Many of those implants will be placed successfully thanks to surgical guides and digital treatment planning software.

By utilizing this new technology, more dentists can plan cases virtually before ever touching a patient. This helps to not only visualize the final outcome but also to overcome any obstacles that may present themselves along the way.

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If you’re interested in delving deeper into implant dentistry, then check out the next several pages where we’ve compiled some of the surgical guides and treatment planning software designed to help to streamline your digital workflow.

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3Shape Implant Studio®

• 3Shape Implant Studio® is a predictable implant workflow for a better patient experience
• This software is designed to enable clinicians to create a predictable and consistent workflow for their implant procedures
• From prosthetic-driven implant planning to designing and producing surgical guides in-house, Implant Studio means a better way to work and an esthetic and functional treatment outcome for patients

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Blue Sky Plan

• Blue Sky Plan is a full-featured dental planning software
• Use Blue Sky Plan to prepare surgical guides for guided surgery, orthodontic aligners, dentures and for cephalometric analysis
•  Blue Sky Plan is said to use the latest cutting-edge technology to offer advanced features and functionality
• The software can be downloaded and installed at no charge on an unlimited number of computers

Blue Sky Plan
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Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning Module

• The Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning Module lets doctors virtually plan implants according to the ideal future restoration-not the other way around
• It starts by combining the digital impression from a CS 3600 intraoral scanner and 3D scan from a Carestream Dental CBCT system. The two scans are automatically aligned in the CS 3D imaging software to create a virtual set-up
• Next, the doctor adds the crown to the combined data sets and places the implant from a library of more than 65 manufacturers

Carestream Dental
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Core3dcentres® and FullContour

• Digital surgical guides manufactured by Core3dcentres and designed by FullContour are said to combine the best in digital treatment design with the best in manufacturing prowess
• Every case is overseen by a licensed dentist to ensure proper implant placement and that all treatment hazards have been considered
• The surgical plan is approved by the referring clinician and then sent to Core3centres for manufacturing on their fleet of Carbon 3D printers

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CEREC Guide 3

• CEREC Guide 3 is designed to support both the surgical preparation of the implant site as well as the insertion of all Dentsply Sirona implants
• It can reportedly be produced in the practice easily, quickly and cost efficiently using CEREC software 4.6.1 based on a digital impression made with the CEREC Omnicam and a 3D X-ray image
• CEREC Guide 3 is said to ensure that the costs and effort for both the patient and dentist are manageable

Dentsply Sirona
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EvoDent E120


• EvoDent’s new E120 is engineered to offer outstanding speed and high accuracy when manufacturing 3D printed surgical guides
• The simplified nesting software (PolyDevs) is designed to give dentists and their staff a user-friendly, quick and automated way to produce high-quality surgical guides on-site
• The EvoDent E120’s open file and resin platform offers flexibility to the user to select his or her desired materials

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• Formlabs’ PreForm modeling software powers dental surgical guides, reportedly reducing surgery time and improving outcomes
• PreForm positions models for the most effective printing, and its smart support structure generation is engineered to ensure an optimal print
• Import tools allow a dentist to duplicate, align and resize digital models
• The model can be printed on a Form 2 desktop 3D printer with Formlabs’ biocompatible Dental SG Resin

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Surgical guides with digital treatment planning

• Glidewell Laboratories offers digital treatment planning and surgical guide fabrication services
• The Glidewell DTP team fabricates high-precision surgical guides for most major implant systems, offers complete data conversion without extra fees, and accepts CBCT scans and digital or traditional impressions through a streamlined case submission process
• Extensive background and expertise as a dental lab reportedly helps to ensure that a restorative-driven approach is maintained throughout treatment

Glidewell Laboratories
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DTX Studio Suite

• In one digitally integrated platform, KaVo Kerr connects the latest technologies - from 2D and 3D imaging acquisition and diagnosis to implant surgery, treatment planning, restoration and placement
• The suite is designed to connect the entire treatment team from the dental practice to the dental lab
• Users can access the single software solution from anywhere available on both Mac and PC

KaVo Kerr
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Planmeca Romexis® Implant Planning and Guide Design Software Module

• Planmeca Romexis® Implant Planning software module combines a patient’s CBCT image, digital impression and crown to create a complete virtual set-up
• Select an implant from one of 60 manufacturers in the extensive implant library and find the optimal position for it with the software’s easy-to-use implant tools
• Use the implant plan to create an implant guide with just a few clicks in the Planmeca Romexis® Implant Guide Design module

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coDiagnostiX® implant planning software

• coDiagnostiX® is a powerful, proven and simple solution that’s designed to let dentists plan precisely and easily to achieve predictable results
• It offers a completely digital workflow, including preoperative implant planning and surgical guide design for simple to advanced cases
• coDiagnostiX provides an open and customizable system that can integrate prosthetic and surgical workflows

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V-Print SG

• V-Print SG is said to be the material of choice for highly precise dental surgical guides, ensuring that implantation can be carried out accurately and exactly as planned
• V-Print SG’s high flexural strength and dimensional stability mean the guide won’t lose its shape during handling, and its biocompatibility and neutral flavor are said to ensure high levels of patient acceptance
• The material’s clarity, along with its being cured at a 385 nm wavelength, reportedly allow for an esthetically pleasing, clear-transparent print

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VeriGuide OS™

• VeriGuide OS™ is a Class I, CE certified resin material developed for the production of high-precision surgical guides for use in dental implant surgery
• The new material is formulated for 3D printing systems (DLP, SL and LCD) at both 385 nm and 405 nm. VeriGuide OS has reportedly been successfully tested for biocompatibility and meets all mechanical properties requirements
• The resin features an easy post-processing method and is said to produce highly accurate surgical guides with a high-quality surface

Whip Mix
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