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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report May 2020
Volume 54
Issue 5

Propel Orthodontics’ solutions help doctors provide faster, more predictable, and more comfortable treatment to patients in fewer visits.

Dr. Payam Attai

Propel Orthodontics provides at-home and in-office orthodontic solutions designed to comfortably accelerate treatment and provide predictable outcomes to doctors and their patients. These orthodontic solutions double as tools to enhance practice growth and economics and help to reduce the number of office visits, which can be paramount for practices dealing wit h COVID-19.

Dr. Payam Ataii, an award-winning graduate of Tufts Dental School who has treated more than a thousand patients with clear aligner systems at his private practice in Laguna Hills, Calif., has used Propel Orthdontics’ solutions for more than five years and has found both the VPro+ ™ and the Excellerator® Series Drivers to be effective adjuncts for everyday cases, as well as some of the most difficult cases he encounters.

Propel’s technologies are designed to help doctors treat patients better, faster, and in fewer visits than with orthodontics alone. Propel’s solutions, paired with a clinician’s expertise,  provide an efficient, practical treatment resulting in beautiful outcomes, and a great patient experience.

Dr. Ataii finds the solutions especially valuable for those patients with lingering issues, such as impacted teeth or treatments taking longer than normal to move into place, Dr. Ataii says. Doing so allows him to accurately predict how teeth will move into place through the treatment protocol. 

The VPro+ is the only FDA-cleared high-frequency vibration device that accelerates orthodontic tooth movement in just five mintues per day. This specific solution is designed to make treatment more comfortable while delivering results ahead of schedule.

The Excellerator Series drivers are FDA-cleared for use in micro-osteoperforation (MOPs®). The drivers are designed to stimulate the maximum biological response while remaining micro-invasive. Designed for multiple perforations, the drivers feature surgical stainless steal tips.

Micro-osteoperforation (MOPs) is a technique used to accelerate the rate of orthodontic tooth movement. It is a university-developed technique that uses proven technology and a simple in-office delivery to accelerate treatment by up to 62 percent.

Since it first introduced its solutions to the dental industry, Propel has touted their impressive benefits such as accelerated tooth movement, significantly reduced treatment times as well as reduced orthodontic discomfort. The company also stands behind the way its solutions can offer improved treatment predictability, optimal aligner seating, reduced office visits for patients and a way to increase treatment compliance.

Those claims can certainly seem too good to be true to some clinicians, and initially, Dr. Ataii was hesitant to give the technology an opportunity because of the claim of “predictable movement.” Ultimately, what changed his mind was a particular case where he couldn’t get a canine to rotate on the lower arch after a year-and-a-half of trying.
“After I began to use Propel, it took me just four weeks to move the tooth,” he says.

When the Propel MOPs technology is partnered with actual applied force-clear aligners or wire brackets-doctors are able to “program” the tooth to where it must go next, Dr. Ataii says. Stimulating the bone or tissue around the tooth creates activity at the cellular level and lets the force of the aligner or brackets express movements more easily.

The VPro+ operates at a high frequency and this helps reduce patient discomfort.

“Most patients say that it removes pain by releasing the pain receptors that reduce inflammatory pressure the doctor just put on,” Dr. Ataii says.

Dr. Ataii has used Propel Orthodontics’ solutions with more than 300 patients. For those with retainers, he finds the VPro+ to be a quality tool, helpful in preventing  orthodontic relaps.

Propel Orthodontics

Propel’s in-office and at-home products are designed to increase the rate of tooth movement by stimulating bone remodeling, which allows teeth to move through bone more easily and predictably. The VPro+ is an FDA-cleared, high-frequency vibration device, proven to accelerate tooth movement and increase predictibility in just five minutes a day. The Excellerator Series drivers are FDA-cleared for use in MOPs.

Propel Orthodontics
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