A simple and non-surgical solution for snoring

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report May 2020
Volume 54
Issue 5

One dentist changed the name of his practice after adopting Solea®. Now he’s using this laser to change the lives of patients who snore.

Dr. Anthony Bolamperti

A second-generation dentist, Dr. Anthony Bolamperti worked alongside his father before purchasing his own practice 25 years ago. The self-titled practice always had a reputation for providing quality dentistry, but Dr. Bolamperti realized he had the opportunity to further the standard of care. He put down the drill and began his laser dentistry journey.

Dr. Bolamperti started with a diode laser before graduating to native CO2 and erbium lasers, but something was missing. Although each laser performed well for specific treatments, they didn’t give him what he really needed to provide the best care to his patients and truly differentiate his practice: A laser that can cut virtually any cavity prep anesthesia-free, and that enables blood-free and suture-free soft tissue procedures. He was looking for the future of dentistry, and ultimately found it with Solea from Convergent Dental, a 9.3 µm CO2 all-tissue laser.

“I knew that if I truly wanted to be a laser dentist, I needed a laser that could be used reliably on each and every patient,” he says. “Not only must the laser cut nearly all cavity preps efficiently and anesthesia-free, but also perform well in soft tissue procedures, such as frenectomies and gingivectomies. Solea does it all. Being able to use Solea for virtually every case translates to a better patient experience, and ultimately, changing more lives.”

To the average person, snoring may not seem like a serious problem, but dentists like Dr. Bolamperti understand the effect it can have on patients.

“People who snore typically have an airway issue, and that can complicate other systemic health issues,” he says.
In the past, patients who needed intervention could opt for uncomfortable oral appliances, uncomfortable pull-forward splints, or invasive orthognathic surgery. With Solea Sleep, these patients now have a fast and effective alternative.

Solea Sleep is an easy-to-administer protocol that tightens tissue in the soft palate and reduces vibrations that cause patients to snore. It provides rapid relief in a single, non-surgical treatment that takes 5 minutes.

“Solea’s unique 9.3 µm wavelength is perfectly suited to efficiently and effectively target collagen located in the lamina propria layer of the soft palate,” Dr. Bolamperti says. “Solea contracts tissue, which reduces vibrations that cause patients to snore.”

Compared to Solea, an erbium laser’s wavelength absorption depth is too shallow to effectively target collagen in the lamina propria, which is why erbium treatment protocols require three to four treatment sessions. An Nd:YAG laser’s wavelength absorption depth, on the other hand, is too deep, needlessly heating all tissues in the soft palate.

“It always goes back to having the right wavelength,” Dr. Bolamperti says. “With Solea, we’re heating the collagen to 140 degrees F, which allows us to effectively contract that collagen in a single treatment session.”

His patients have seen incredible results, including lessening the length of their snoring, Dr. Bolamperti says.

“Patients have shown a significant reduction in the volume and duration of their snoring. After treatment, they report sleeping and dreaming better. We also know Solea Sleep is working because we’re monitoring patient snoring with easy-to-use, dentist-approved technology, such as the SnoreLab app.”

His patients also love how the Solea Sleep treatment is free of needles and pain. To date, Dr. Bolamperti has never used local anesthesia in any of his snoring cases. He also assures patients that there’s virtually no post-operative recovery time after a session.

Dr. Bolamperti changed the name of his practice to Omaha Laser Dentistry because of the impact Solea had on him and his patients. But he also did it to inspire his colleagues, showing them that there’s greater purpose in their work and that dentistry isn’t just a “drill, fill, and bill” field. With Solea, the possibilities are endless, and Solea Sleep is simply another way to show dentists what they’re capable of doing right in their own operatories.

Solea® Sleep

Solea Sleep is an easy to administer protocol for use with the Solea all-tissue dental laser that provides patients with rapid relief by tightening the soft palate and reducing vibrations that cause patients to snore. Unlike surgical procedures that require long and painful recoveries, Solea Sleep is a non-surgical treatment that allows patients to immediately return to their daily routines with little to no discomfort.

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