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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report May 2020
Volume 54
Issue 5

Using OperaDDS dental software can improve communication, calm patients, and enhance efficiencies.

About six years ago, the team at Dee for Dentist wanted to invest in software that offered secure communication with specialists. They found that with OperaDDS, but at the time they had no idea just how much the software would do for the practice. 

Today, the Las Vegas-based office also uses OperaDDS for intraoffice communication and to streamline how patient forms are handled, Office Manager Michael Cruz says. In addition, the virtual reality feature, OperaVR, makes it possible to calm patients during treatment without the need for nitrous. And the teledentistry option has enabled Dr. Dee Dee Meevasin to offer guidance and treatment to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Office Manager Michael Cruz

“OperaDDS is a really great communication tool,” Cruz says. “It’s all about the patient experience, and when your team is coordinated it elevates that experience. I don’t think there’s any better system on the market for communication in terms of the way you can customize it to your practice and how effective it can be. And you can access it on your phone, workstation or watch, so there are many ways to make sure the entire team is connected.” 

Intraoffice Communication
At first, OperaDDS served as an easy, reasonably priced way to ensure the practice’s communications with specialists were HIPAA compliant. As the software evolved, they began to use it for intraoffice communication as well, which has significantly improved practice efficiencies.  

OperaDDS has brought more consistency to the practice’s workflow and hand-offs, Cruz says. One of the biggest struggles practices face is communication between the hygiene team and the doctor. Typically, hygienists let the dentist know when patients are ready, but that’s it. With that setup, dentists have no idea what they’re walking into. Once in the room, the hygienist gets the dentist up to speed as quickly as possible, but there’s always a chance they forget to mention a patient concern or problem.   

With OperaDDS, you’re able to set up a custom checklist, Cruz says. So, before the hygienist calls Dr. Meevasin in, they can go through the checklist and make sure everything is complete. 

“In most offices, if you miss a step, like an X-ray, the doctor has to leave so the X-ray can be taken and then come back,” Cruz says. “That’s just wasted time. With the checklist, the doctor can be in another operatory and get an alert on her iWatch or workstation for a heads up on what she’s walking into. She knows everything is complete.” 

The checklist also helps ensure all the details go from person to person more smoothly. The doctor knows what issues to address and what treatment to recommend and can easily pass that on to the treatment coordinator. 

Cruz recently started using the software’s form feature as well. Everything is now on the same platform, he says, which streamlines the process. He’s also able to customize the forms quickly, which is another feature he appreciates. 

Virtual Reality 
The practice added the virtual reality feature about three years ago, Cruz says, and patients love it. They simply put a virtual reality headset on to escape with city, beach, and underwater scenes. This allows patients to relax and stay comfortable during the procedure without needing nitrous. 

Dr. Meevasin began using the teledentsitry feature when the COVID-19 outbreak forced the office to close, Cruz says. It allows her to stay connected with patients even though she isn’t chairside. 

Now, when patients call in, they receive a link to a questionnaire that asks about their symptoms, how severe their pain is, and when it started. They’re then directed to a second page that asks them to take photos of the tooth or teeth causing pain. Everything is HIPAA secure, Cruz says, and goes right into the patient chart. 

OperaDDS has helped his practice enhance communication and streamline hand-offs, while helping to enhance the patient  experience. 

“This is an easy way to get your system in order,” he says. “With OperaDDS, the doctor is able to spend more time with the patient and there are fewer interruptions. The patient experience is much better and everybody is on the same page.”

OperaDDS is a flexible and functional solution for paperless forms, streamlined staff messaging, secure email and text. Trusted by more than 10,000 practices nationwide and designed by a dentist, OperaDDS is designed to save time, reduce stress, and deliver a strong return on your investment. Features of the solution include: Forms, Chat, Secure Email, CareText, Recall, Reviews, OperaVR and Teledentistry.


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