Small burs play a big role in your practice

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report May 2020
Volume 54
Issue 5

A roundup of some of the latest burs and instruments designed to make dentists' jobs more efficient and to help deliver the best cases to their patients.

Dental burs are used in all facets of dentistry and are an essential part of your daily practice. Dentists utilize numerous styles, grits, and shapes of burs throughout their career while performing restorative dentistry. Diamond burs are most commonly used for cutting through porcelain, and carbide burs are best for preparing cavities for fillings, shaping bone, removing old fillings, and they leave the surface smoother than diamond burs.

Ceramic and steel burs are also used for other procedures and each type of dental bur is available in a wide array of shapes including common round, pear, and cross-cut tapered designs. The preferences towards varieties of shape and grit also note the need for predictability of procedures while managing overhead costs.

In order for clinicians to deliver high-quality patient outcomes in an efficient and productive manner, they must choose burs that support the style and productivity of their practice. Even if you choose the best material for a particular case, it may not be as effective if paired with an inefficient shape.

Here we present a look at 12 of the top dental bur manufacturers. For more information on their additional dental bur offerings, contact the companies directly or visit

Read on for an overview of dental burs.

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  • A premier choice for working with modern high-strength ceramics since their introduction 

  • With optimal versatility and performance, they address everyday challenges by providing superior results quickly and with minimal effort

  • Offered in a range of shapes and sizes, they provide an effective, efficient, and easy-to-use option for adjusting high-strength ceramic restorations

  • The ZR6801.FG.018 diamond (pictured), is effective, efficient, and easy-to-use for adjusting high-strength ceramic restorations and grinding all types of ceramics including zirconia

Komet USA

888-KOMET-USA  |



Solo Diamond® 

  • Always sharp, high-quality diamonds-for a superior cut

  • Pre-sterilized-reduces cross-contamination risk-ready to go right out of the package; which delivers an ideal workflow efficiency

  • Eliminate unnecessary bur blocks-simplify bur management

  • Wide variety of clinical shapes and diamond grits

  • 5-year pouch seal integrity validation

Premier Dental Products Co.

888-773-6872  |

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Midwest Once® Sterile Carbide Burs 

  • These single-use carbides provide a sharp bur every time which minimizes slipping from dull burs that can damage handpiece chucks 

  • Each bur is packaged sterilized in a protective pouch 

  • Available in friction grip, right angle, HP and oral surgical length shanks

  • Friction grip versions with head diameter below 1.6 mm manufactured with single-piece construction

  • Stainless steel shanks on 2-piece configurations

Dentsply Sirona

800-800-2888  |


Alpen Speedster Metal Cutter Burs 

  • Features optimized blade profile design and geometry; manufactured with the use of computer aided design (CAD), they provide aggressive cutting and rapid reduction

  • Available in more than 10 options, profiles under the Speedster Metal Cutter line include Round, Inverted Cone, Pear, Crosscut Fissure, Round End Crosscut Fissure, Crosscut Tapered Fissure, and Amalgam Prep

  • Select Speedster Metal Cutter burs are offered within the Alpen SteriX pre-sterile pouch packaged line in several packaging configurations

Coltene Inc. 

800-221-3046  |

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Fissurotomy® instruments  

  • Fissurotomy® instruments allow early diagnosis, conservative preparation and treatment of hidden fissure caries, often without the use of anesthesia. 

  • Designed to provide a less invasive and more comfortable cavity preparation.

  • Developed in collaboration with Temple University, the Fissurotomy bur head shape allows conservative exploration of fissures with a patient-friendly technique that is virtually pain-free and creates an ideal cavity form. 

  • They  are essential when removing decay in deep lesions because they preserve the healthy dentin.

SS White Dental

800-535-2877  |


CleanCut Diamond Burs 

  • Manufactured using a brazing technique that strategically bonds uniformly-sized and shaped diamonds to ensure consistent orientation and height for optimum diamond cutting efficiency. The result of this process is the formation of debris-clearing channels that prevent bur clogging

  • Balanced and efficient cutting results in faster, more accurate tooth reduction and margin placement, without the need to refine

  • These extended-use diamond burs feature universal length shanks making them suitable for both small and large handpieces

Clinician’s Choice Dental Products, Inc.

800-265-3444  | 

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  • With 20 percent more cutting surface, the tips cut clear crisp margins

  • Doctors who understood the need for contamination prevention, safety, and efficiency knew where to turn and adapted their habits to this superior dental practice. Thirty years later, people are still discovering the benefits of single-patient-use products.

  • The vivid pink box is well-recognized as the box that helped changed the industry, and NeoDiamond has over 130 shapes and an ever-expanding product portfolio


800-235-1863  |


Shofu Robot® Diamonds 

One-piece steel shank diamonds meet strict ISO manufacturing standards. 

Recognized by independent testing for their superior performance, cutting efficiency, and lack of clogging, Robot Diamonds are made with a multi-coating technique with a special surface treatment for durability

The smooth cutting and long-lasting diamonds are available in a wide range of grits (regular, coarse, super coarse, fine, superfine), shapes, and sizes, including a minimally invasive series


800-827-4638  |

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FG Diamond Burs 

  • Spring Diamonds are designed to reduce chair time through effective speed of cut in preparation of all restorations

  • Priced at less than $2.00 a bur, so no need to reuse or sterilize. Yet, offers a quality that can be used as a multi-use bur

  • Precision-made stainless steel shank made to run true and not get stuck inside the handpiece

  • Company uses true super coarse natural diamond grit, which results in less heat and clogging

  • Spring turbo diamonds remove material quickly

Spring Health Products

800-800-1680  |


Diatech Operative Diamond Burs 

  • Company’s long-lasting operative diamond burs available in inverted cone, flat end taper, flat end cylinder, pear, and round shape

  • Available in packs of 10 and in multiple sizes

  • Golden Sharpie Carbides are optimal for cutting precious and non-precious metals

  • Trimming and finishing carbides are available in 12-, 16- and 30-bladed carbides

  • Diatech gold diamonds offered in a wide variety of shapes

Diatech USA

800-222-1851  |

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DuraBraze® Diamonds 

  • Patented DuraBraze line introduces new diamond instrument technology designed to minimize clogging

  • The precision-engineered instruments feature improvements in diamond crystal bonding and spacing

  • Deliver better performance, precision, and predictability to your crown prep procedures

  • Bulk reduction of tooth structure is smoother and more precise with less vibration

  • DuraBraze instruments perform this way due to new SpotBrazing™ technology.

  • Ideal for CAD/CAM dentistry

Brasseler USA

800-841-4522  |


Diamond Bur Friction Grip Coarse 

  • Flat End Taper, green, coarse grit diamond designed to offer efficiency, durability and quality

  • Meisinger offers a full line of both multi-use and single-use diamonds

  • Diamond instruments consist of a shank and a hardened, stainless profile body coated by means of the most modern galvanizing process with selected diamond grains. This guarantees an extremely homogenous, safe, and lasting diamond coating of the instruments and thus, optimal working results

Meisinger USA

866-634-7464  | 


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