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May 2020 New Products

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report May 2020
Volume 54
Issue 5

Cover Products and other Editor's Choice products are chosen based on innovation or their perceived impact on improving patient care and practice efficiency.

[On the Cover Products]

Simplifeye Connect

Described as a “Virtual Practice in a Box,” Connect builds on Simplifeye’s Amplify live chat platform to create a seamless, billable telehealth platform. The process begins when the patient interacts with the Amplify 24/7 live chat platform on the practice website. From there, the practice can obtain consent from the patient and collect billing information, before placing the patient in a virtual waiting room and alerting the dentist via text message. The system allows the dentists to connect to the patient via a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform that displays key information for the doctor and supports note taking and billing.

Why this platform stands out:

While the system is designed to facilitate virtual appointments, it is guided by human interactions throughout the workflow, allowing for unique interactions and customized patient management. The Amplify live chat solution is operated by professionals with knowledge of dental care and the practices they are representing. The Connect solution then provides a seamless way for clinicians to see those patients, manage and track key patient information and clinical details, and then bill for the telehealth appointment from any device with a web browser.


iTero Element 5D

The latest model of intraoral scanner from Align Technology, the iTero Element 5D combines a trio of scanning technologies to provide both digital impressions and a way to detect and monitor interproximal caries above the gingiva. Designed to help clinicians optimize orthodontic and restorative workflows, the scanner captures precise, full-color images using 3D scan data, color intraoral photos, and a new near infrared imaging (NIRI) technology. Using the iTero TimeLapse software, patient scans can be compared over time, allowing clinicians to track caries progression. The Element 5D can reportedly capture a full-arch scan in as little as 60 seconds, and the system is designed to work with software applications for clinical analysis and treatment outcome simulations.

Why this scanner is something new:

The NIRI technology is said to be capable of scanning the internal structure of teeth in real-time, so digital impressions include a digital 3D map of the patient’s dentition, as well as data about the tooth structure, allowing for enhanced visualization and improved patient communication about clinical findings. With an integrated intraoral camera as well, the system is designed to be a powerful tool for any dental practice.

Align Technology

Virtual Office

Designed to keep dental professionals connected with their practice and patients when they’re away from the office, Virtual Office offers a number of tools that allow clinicians to see patients and manage their practice and patients from anywhere. The platform includes Virtual Visits for teledentistry appointments, two-way text communications with patients, a remote phone system that allows you to interface with your office phones from anywhere making it possible to use a personal phone for practice business without having to give your number to patients, and access to practice and patient data remotely.

Why this solution is noteworthy:

Virtual Office is designed to provide access to not just practice and patient data from anywhere, but to allow you and your patients to access each other from anywhere in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner. The solutions allow patients to reach the practice when it’s not open for treatments, and for the staff to interact with those patients remotely regardless of whether or not those patients prefer to communicate via video, email, text, or phone.


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 [Implant Prosthesis]


BruxZir® Implant Prosthesis

The BruxZir Implant Prosthesis is indicated as a fixed restorative solution for the fully edentulous arch. Constructed from 100 percent solid zirconia, the BruxZir is designed to be a lifelike, durable alternative to the screw-retained hybrid denture. Its monolithic construction is said to reduce chips, stains, and fractures and it has a flexural strength of 1,150 MPa. BruxZir is hypoallergenic, making it gentle on opposing dentition. It features a step-by-step, five appointment protocol, including videos, support staff, and instruction guides, which are said to minimize the likelihood of wax resets and ensure predictable outcomes. It’s compatible with a number of implant systems and is available in 16 tooth shades.

800-854-7256  |  glidewelldental.com


Universal Primer

Universal Primer is a single-component adhesive primer that is said to increase retention between restorative substrates and all resin cements to deliver long-term clinical success. The primer contains dual coupling agents, 10-MDP and silane methacrylate, for increased bond strength to zirconium, alumina, glass ceramics, metal alloys, and composites. It’s easy to use as no pre-treatment of the restoration is required, making cementation quick and efficient, with only 60 seconds between application and dry stages. It can also be used with adhesive and self-adhesive resin cement to achieve maximum bond strength for cases that require additional retention.

Premier Dental Products Co.
888-670-6100  |  premierdentalco.com

[Home Care]

Colgate® Zero

The Colgate Zero line has offerings for kids and adults with zero percent artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and colors in the Colgate Zero toothpastes and zero percent artificial flavors, sweeteners and dyes in the mouthwashes. The Zero Toothpaste for Kids 2-6 Years strengthens enamel and protects against caries. The kids’ toothpaste is also available for 3- to 24-month-olds in a fluoride-free formula that gently cleans teeth. For adults, the line includes peppermint or spearmint toothpaste with a micro-foaming formula that deep cleans and provides cavity protection. The mouthwash is available in two variants-Healthy Gums, which strengthens enamel, and Strong Teeth that kills 99 percent of plaque on gums.

800-468-6502  |  colgate.com

[Saliva Ejector]

DOVE – SE Plus™ Saliva Ejector Valve & Straw Combination

The SE Plus combines DOVE Dental’s Saliva Ejector with a leading white evacuation straw and is said to be the only disposable SE valve and straw combination with backflow protection and on/off flow control integrated into the entire device. Copper wire forms the interior of the straw, allowing it to be molded into place. The SE Plus is a single-use device designed to increase patient safety and remove concerns of inconsistent cleaning between patients. Its straw is securely designed into the valve, eliminating fall-out during procedures and reducing the risk of contamination. The SE Plus allows one-way airflow if patients close around suction straws.

DOVE Dental Products
855-800-3683  |  dovedentalproducts.com

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 [Digital Dentures]



Ivotion is a monolithic, single disc milling solution for advanced digital denture workflows. Combining high-quality tooth and denture base materials in a single bi-color disc, Ivotion provides digital laboratories with an efficient, predictable, monolithic milling solution. It features Shell Geometry, a data-based three-dimensional tooth and dental arch structure suitable for the digital fabrication of removable upper and lower dentures. Integrated exclusively into 3Shape Dental System 2020 CAD software, the digital denture system allows patient-specific customization with the Ivotion tooth library and the coordinated Shell Geometry.

Ivoclar Vivadent
716-691-0010  |  ivoclarvivadent.com

[Polishing Compound]

Speed Polish®

Speed Polish is a polishing compound crafted from a diamond/alumina base specially developed for polishing zirconium and lithium disilicate ceramic restorations. A high-surface polish, it’s designed to polish in seconds and matches the esthetics of enamel. The compund reduces wear on opposing dentition and is said to rival glazed restorations. Excess polish can be removed with a soft brush, cloth, or rinsed with water, as Speed Polish is water-soluble. Speed Polish is said to feature a perfect balance of abrasion materials delivered in a dust-free binder. It is made of natural ingredients in small batches in-house.

Harvest Dental
714-674-7400  |  harvestdental.com


Aeras Compressor by RAMVAC®

The Aeras compressor is enabled with the latest cloud-based technology that collects data, shares information, and streamlines mechanical diagnostic processes using its embedded sensors to reach out to a technician and share diagnostics, allowing the Aeras system to head off potential problems. This setup is also designed to allow for two-way communication-practices can receive notifications via email or text when maintenance is required, power up or power down equipment, and schedule when equipment turns on/off. Aeras technology reduces the risk of service interruptions and increases maintenance efficiency. Its dual desiccant setup is designed to produce a continuous supply of clean air.

866-383-4636  |  dentalez.com

[Practice Management]

Dental Marketing Dashboard

A data tool for dental marketing, the DMD interface delivers real-time access to key performance indicators, including new patient source and return on investment. The DMD is designed to address challenges faced by dentists and practice consultants, such as how to easily identify and monitor dental marketing results in real-time. This tool addresses these challenges by delivering practice statistics, including patient value (annual and lifetime); patient acquisition cost; and ROI by tactic (SEO, PPC, social media, etc). It can also calculate your team’s ‘batting average’-the percentage of calls that are converted into appointments. Dental practices do not need to be an AIM Dental Marketing client in order to take advantage of the DMD.

AIM Dental Marketing
800-723-6523  |  Click here to view the DMD  |  To learn more click here

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