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How to perform easy, predictable Class II procedures with DENTSPLY Caulk's Class II solution

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-09-01
Issue 9

You want your Class II restorations to last. You want predictable results and durable restorations both you and your patients can feel good about. 

When working on a Class II case, there are plenty of challenges that can keep you from achieving that desired result, challenges that range from contamination in the restorative field because you didn’t have the proper isolation to a weak bond that causes the patient post-op sensitivity when he or she leaves your office. 

To help dentists get past the many frustrations that can come with Class II cases, DENTSPLY Caulk has put together a Class II solution featuring five products-the Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix System to offer optimal isolation and allow clinicians to seal in and shape the Class II restoration quickly and effectively; Prime & Bond Elect®  Universal Dental Adhesive to enable dentists to choose among total-etch, self-etch and selective-etch modes to improve enamel bonding and post-op sensitivity; SureFil®  SDR®  flow, a low stress bulk fill flowable base material that provides excellent cavity adaptation, reduces polymerization shrinkage stress by up to 60 percent and allows for a 4 mm bulk fill; TPH Spectra Universal Composite Restorative, which is available in a high and low viscosity to enable dentists to select the handling they prefer;  and the Enhance®  Finishing System, which allows for easy contouring and ensures a long- term, esthetic and durable result for the patient while saving both dentist and patient time chairside. 

“It’s about simplicity and predictability. The system is designed to attack the most vulnerable interface of the Class II, which is the floor of the proximal box,” said Dr. Nick Conte, Director of Clinical Research and Education at DENTSPLY Caulk. “The surface that most likely generates recurrent decay is the floor of the proximal box. By providing a combination of products, we’re achieving a better interface and a more durable restoration.” 

A better result

DENTSPLY Caulk is the first manufacturer to put a system like this together, Dr. Conte said, with established products that are proven to provide high-quality results. They are meant to work together as a dependable system to help dentists provide optimal Class II restorations every time.

“Every step of a Class II procedure determines how successful you are with the next step,” he said. “Without good isolation a good adhesive product won’t matter and so on. So we put everything together into one package for the doctor.”

An easy transition 

Adding these products to your practice is easy, Dr. Conte said-just switch out what you’re currently using for the products in this solution. 

“This will minimize their inventory because it consolidates the number of adhesive products they need,” Dr. Conte said. “Most dentists use two or more adhesive products because they want self-etching and total-etching options. This streamlines their inventory, allows for better four-handed dentistry and better communication between the assistant and the dentist.”

An efficient solution

As a trusted company in the industry, DENTSPLY Caulk has put together a Class II solution designed to save you time and improve results for your patients. Eliminating some of the common problems that come up during Class II procedures, from abrading adjacent teeth to open contacts, this solution will help make you more efficient and give your patients optimal results. 

“The products are designed to work together to provide a simple and dependable result improving office efficiency and overall patient outcome,” Dr. Conte said. “Because SureFil SDR flow is a bulk fill you save time during placement. TPH Spectra allows for easy shade selection and tooth matching. And the adhesive system allows you to work through quadrant based dentistry, treating each tooth with the best etching technique to provide the most predictable outcome.”

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