Product Review: The DentalEZ EverLight offers efficient operatory lighting

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-09-01
Issue 9

One clinician's take on the DentalEZ EverLight and the benefits it has brought to her practice.

One clinician's take on the DentalEZ EverLight and the benefits it has brought to her practice.

The DentalEz EverLight™ is one of my favorite products. Both practical and very eco-conscious, the DentalEZ EverLight™ is a functional addition for all of my dental procedures, from dental hygiene to esthetic dentistry. 

How it works

Operating with LED, similar to curing lights, this operatory light is highly energy efficient. It is easily moveable to illuminate any area of the oral cavity, and the energy efficient light is very functional and ergonomic. The 12 LED lights provide me with focused illumination for all procedures.  

Unlike standard halogen lights, this operatory light doesn’t generate heat-and that makes it much cooler. Beyond that, the DentalEz EverLight™ features lighting options for a variety of dental procedures and there are three Kelvin color settings within the system: daylight for excellent shade matching; composite when it is time to cure; and normal operatory use. We can personalize each setting with the three intensity levels (low, medium and high).

Patients take notice

Because this is the one piece of equipment all of our patients truly see in the office, everyone has commented on our “new light.” We show our patients all of the features (the different intensities and different functions) to correlate with our procedures.

Many patients have noticed the light gives off less glare while I am working, so they don’t go “blind” because they’re looking directly at the light. We feel the icing on the cake is the light’s warranty. It has the best warranty in the industry: three years for the entire light and six years for the light engine.

What it can do for your practice

If you’re looking for a “green” light, consider going over to DentalEZ for a great way to light up your practice. This light, aside from being a fantastic, attractive addition to any operatory, consumes 70% less energy than halogen operatory lights.

The bulb’s life expectancy is 30,000 hours of use (vs. 3,000 for traditional halogen lights). Additionally, the bulbs require less energy (less than 35 watts vs. 150 watts for the standard lights), and that lowers our energy costs. I do not expect to have to change the bulbs for a very long time.

Beyond that, I also feel the light is much cooler and does give the added benefit of shade selection and composite curing with the push of a button, whereas my historic halogen light did not offer the same benefits. So, energy savings, ease of use, and patient satisfaction all makes DentalEz EverLight™ one of my favorite things.

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