DIO USA Announces Partnership with Patterson Dental

Patterson Dental will now offer the DIO USA portfolio of dental implant products, as well as the DIOnavi guided implant system, to its customers.

Dental implant manufacturer DIO USA has announced a Partnership with Patterson Dental that will allow Patterson to distribute DIO products to more clinicians across the United States. Included in this product portfolio is the DIOnavi guided implant system, which is said to allow clinicians the flexibility to digitally plan implant surgeries, according to a press release from DIO and Patterson Dental.

DIOnavi also offers a “Case-in-a-Box” that contains a surgical kit that is customized to each patient’s and clinician’s individual needs for a specific implant surgery. All this will now be offered to Patterson customers through this partnership, according to senior category manager at Patterson Dental, Lacey Mercil.

“I am extremely excited about the DIOnavi guided implant system and the benefits it offers our customers and their patients,” Mercil said in the press release. “Our focus is always to provide dentists with the best products and services to give patients the best care possible, and the DIO implant products and DIOnavi guided implant system makes it easier than ever for dentists to provide predictable, safe, comfortable treatment with excellent clinical outcomes.”

DIO products and DIOnavi are both now available through Patterson Dental.