The 2023 AAID Annual Conference - Interview with Sundeep Rawal, DMD


Dental Products Report is live in Las Vegas for the 2023 Annual American Academy of Implant Dentistry Conference, to chat with Dr Sundeep Rawal about the event and Aspen Dental's role in advancing implant dentistry. [2 minutes]

The 2023 Annual American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) Conference is a significant gathering in the field of implant dentistry, and Dental Products Report is on-site in Las Vegas to capture the event's highlights. The AAID Conference serves as a crucial platform for professionals in the dental industry to exchange knowledge, showcase innovations, and collaborate on advancing implant dentistry techniques and technologies.

The video interview with Senior Vice President, Implant Support at Aspen Dental, Sundeep Rawal, DMD sheds light on the importance of this conference and how it plays a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of implant dentistry. Dr Rawal, a prominent figure in the field emphasizes the significance of continuous learning and professional development in implant dentistry.

Video Transcription:

Dr Rawal: Hi, I'm Dr Sanjay Rawal, Senior Vice President of Implant Support here at Aspen Dental. And I'm so thrilled because we've been spending a lot of time, effort, and energy over the last many years investing in robust implant education for the doctors we support. We've built an unbelievable continuum of learning that starts with didactic online coursework translates to in-person experiences, and ultimately live patient opportunities to actually learn to diagnose, treat, restore, and place dental implants, with all the innovations in the industry today, from guided surgery, to 3d printing, and everything that helps us do this. What's really awesome about what we're doing is we're also able to make an impact on those patients who need it the most. And a great example of this is our Oral Care Center for Excellence, built in Chicago, where we're able to deliver unbelievable implant related care to those that have been underserved and not had access to that care for many, many years. We're so thrilled because we're able to treat hundreds, if not 1000s of patients with the best implant therapies out there in the most innovative ways. And all obviously do it in a way that we're donating all of the services that they get an unbelievable opportunity to get the care they need. Thank you.

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