The 2023 AAID Annual Conference - Interview with Adam Hogan, DDS


Dental Products Report is live in Las Vegas for the 2023 Annual American Academy of Implant Dentistry Conference, to chat with Dr Adam Hogan about the event and its offerings. [5 minutes]

"Dental Products Report" is currently live from Las Vegas, where the 2023 Annual American Academy of Implant Dentistry Conference is taking place. Editorial Director Noah Levine, had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Dr Adam Hogan, a notable figure in the field of implant dentistry, to discuss the event and the diverse array of offerings it brings to the dental community.

The 2023 Annual American Academy of Implant Dentistry Conference is a prestigious gathering that attracts dental professionals, practitioners, researchers, and industry experts from around the world. The event serves as a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge knowledge, innovative techniques, and the latest advancements in implant dentistry. Attendees have the unique opportunity to enhance their skills, network with like-minded professionals, and explore the most up-to-date products and technologies in the field.

Dr Hogan, a recognized expert in implant dentistry, sheds light on the significance of the conference and its impact on the dental community.

Video transcription:

Dr Hogan: Hey I'm Dr Adam Hogan with the Atlantic implant Institute in Full Implant Choice.

I was here yesterday doing a full digital workshop for all-on-4 full arch immediate load fix treatment here at the AAID annual event and [we are] excited about implant dentistry and all the new innovations, all the new technology, it's just so exciting. It kind of keeps us young reinvigorates us, just the precision, the quickness to care, the ability to deliver care to more people. It's just super exciting. And then another thing is just the enthusiasm and the young doctors eyes, their eagerness to learn and discover new procedures and new ways of doing things. And I mean, I just I love bringing that to the new doctors and educating them and helping them on their on their journey. What are some of the key things that every doctor placing in place needs to be considering? How much time do we have?

I have like days and days and days of content and all the things I would do doctor has to consider with implant dentistry. But you know, first and foremost, consider the people that you're treating, okay, delivering good quality care to those people. It's not about your implant number, your arch number, it's about making a difference in someone's life, and giving them the kind of care that hopefully will last a lifetime. And that's what every young doctor needs to take out of this education here at the AAID. Full arch dentistry is something that absolutely every doctor can attain in their practice, when they put in a little bit of work with the education and with the right products. It really revolves around digital workflow, which is what my workshop talked all about. It's impossible to deliver full arch care on a quality and with consistent levels of care in a timely manner. People doing full arch in an old analog workflow. Let's face it, it's just it's tedious. It's hard, they're gonna give up. I mean, I almost gave up.

But the technological advances that make it more feasible for every doctor are amazing photogrammetry number one, just being able to take a quick scan and seconds, 30 seconds, 30 seconds max and be done with it, and know that it's accurate and repeatable. And that passive fit you get where you don't have restorations, braking, snapping emergencies that wake you up in the middle of night or on a Saturday bring you to the office. So photogrammetry number one, to facial scanning, being able to digitally plan a case to the face and be able to repeat it and just have it done in one just have your final set of teeth done. And one, the key frustration I hear from all doctors doing full arch is it just takes too much time. And it's so hard to make patients happy. And there's so many revisions, revisions is a dirty word you don't want them, you want to be done in one. And to do that you've got to have good facial scanning and proper eye cam photogrammetry.

Yeah, I think that the public is becoming very aware of the possibility of full arch media care. Five years ago, I was inundated in my practice of full implant choice with patients messaging us just trolling us on the internet. This is impossible, you can't do this implants take two years. And now it's just common household names. You know, if all-on-4, you know, immediate teeth in a day people know about it. So they're searching it. I think that there's a lot of the public out there needing this care wanting this care. And so any doctor that wants to deliver it just really has to find out how to do it, take the education and put themselves out there and offer it and it'll be available. There's plenty of miles and arches to go around for everybody. The idea that this is this is a wonderful, absolutely wonderful event. I've been involved with the AAID since year one. My mentor Truman Baxter was a pioneer took the very first Maxi course placed implants since the hill Tatum days. So it's important to have a mentor. And you're not going to get a mentor without coming to an event like the AAID. You got the best mentors and all these hallways, the best education at the ad isn't on the main podium. It's not in my workshop. It's in these hallways where you can meet doctors, like myself, or hundreds of others here and get yourself a mentor that can carry you through this journey. And to AAID is great for credentialing. You owe it to yourself to get credentialed in the AAID so that you know that you you have a bona fide certified authority to provide this kind of care, but also the public knows that you do and the public can find you as a safe provider for their treatment. Dr. Hogue with the Atlantic Implant Institute. We are a full arch education institute located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we've got several modules No, you don't have to take one before two before three, et cetera, et cetera. But our module one is fundamentals of full arch. We're going to teach you diagnosis and treatment planning of how to properly full arch. We've got full arch digital workflow how to be partially and fully digitally capable in all realms from iOS and facial scanning. So we we team with a number of providers around the country. By the way, it's not just me. We've got a great cast of faculty, you can look us up online. We're also going to teach you business how to 510 20 we partner with Insta Risa. They're going to provide courses at our facility. We're going to work with them on that. And so if you are in the implant game and you're looking to be a full arch provider, especially on the digital forefront, you want to check us out at the Atlantic implant or on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you

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