5Ws* APVolution S Color Key Shade Guides

A shade guide designed for efficiency through simplicity for better outcomes.

compiled by Stan Goff | information provided by Aesthetic-Press, LLC

What: APVolution S Color Key Shade Guides

Who: Aesthetic-Press, LLC


Where: Every dental practice and dental laboratory looking to unlock the mystery of shade communication while simplifying the shade-matching process and increasing the success rate of the restoration.

When: Every case can benefit by choosing a shade with the material the technician is working with. The APVolution S Color Key Shade Guides allow you to choose a shade with a realistic thickness of indicator, as well as choose the right kind of indicator in conjunction with the stump shade that comes closest to the patient’s shade.

Why: These guides enable improved communication between dentist and patient chairside, making true color selection possible. Other benefits include: higher success rate with less redo rate; ability to select matching ingots before case begins; improvement over traditional shade guides that mostly only offer shade selection in 1 opacity, missing a big part of the color issue; and the ability to choose matching opacity or translucency: MT, LT, HT, HT +.

*How: With the APVolution S Color Key Shade Guides you can see the shade before you start the case. The design of the shade guides shows a thickness of 0.9 mm at the incisal edge, about 1 mm in the center of the indicator, and around 1.3 mm toward the cervical or neck of the tooth. These thicknesses are realistic for a technician to match a shade, as they reflect the average thickness of a crown. The shade guide offers 4 different translucencies or opacities. Using the patient’s stump shade, the technician can choose which ingot is most suitable to match that shade.