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Save time and money on payment processing while making it easier for clients to settle their bill.

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What: tfg Payment Solutions Platform for Laboratories

Who: tfg Payment Solutions

888-572-1544 | tfgpaymentsolutions.com

Where: Online, with a payment card industry (PCI)-compliant, secure A/R platform that is automated and integrates with other back-end platforms such as QuickBooks.

When: Whenever collecting, processing and tracking customer payments via automation are needed.

Why: Laboratory accounts receivable/collections and payment processing are typically an expensive,labor-intensive monthly task, and the lack of PCI-compliant security results in higher than necessary credit card processing transaction fees. Drawing from over 2 decades in the dental laboratory space, tfg Payment Solutions created an all-in-one collections and payment processing platform built specifically for dental laboratories. The platform brings all components of A/R and collections activities into one spot, automating payment requests, batch processing, tracking and easy reconciliation. Dentists can have their own sign-in dashboard, enabling secure click and pay simplicity, and the Reward-A-Payment feature lets labs entice clients to pay via ACH rather than credit cards.

How: Created with security and efficiency in mind and guided by dental laboratories’ input on what tools are needed to effectively execute A/R and collection activities, tfg Payment Solutions delivers a PCI compliant secure digital vault that reduces liability and risk. Banks reduce processing fees when this level of security is achieved, thus saving labs a significant amount of money by utilizing the platform. Processing is seamless, whether dentists use credit card, debit card or ACH electronic check/transfer. The platform supports digital signatures to reduce the likelihood of disputed payments and chargebacks, and offers flexibility and choice to the dentist via their easy-to-use dashboard.