The Finishing Touch

Stains and glazes give restorations a lifelike, realistic finish.

Used to provide a high luster on finished dental restorations, dental stain and glaze systems can be applied to crowns, bridges, and veneers. Many stains and glazes are clear liquids that are brushed on to a restoration and then must be fired at specific temperatures to take effect. Generally, applying a stain or glaze is the last step of processing a restoration in the laboratory.

Staining provides a natural tint to blend in with surrounding dentition while adding natural characteristics to the tooth surface. Glazing produces a smooth, glossy texture to the restoration, which helps prevent plaque and bacteria from adhering to the tooth surface. Both are suitable for use in either dental laboratories or chairside CAD/CAM restorations and are generally applied in similar ways.

Here is a look at several stain and glaze systems.