5Ws* TRU & PUR Implant System

This conical hex and internal hex connection implant system offers reduced implant-to-crown cost.

What: TRU® & PUR® Implants

Who: Sterngold Dental, LLC
800-243-9942 | sterngold.com

Where: Any dental laboratory looking to offer zirconia or titanium implant-to-crown at an affordable price suited to fit any budget.

When: Any implant-to-crown case.

Why: Each TRU conical and PUR internal hex implant comes bundled with all of the restorative components for clinicians and labs to complete the case at a flat rate of $95. Dental labs have better control on the service cost and can pass the savings on to bring in new customers.

*The How: With the TRU and PUR bundle, lab technicians receive an Analog, a Straight Abutment or TiBase, and a Prosthetic Screw. The TRU conical and the PUR internal hex implants are ISO quality and are manufactured in the US. They are engineered to be substantially equivalent to the leading conical and screw-vent connection implants in the market.