5Ws* Craft 5X Milling Machine

This all-in-one milling machine is designed to reduce production stages and improve accuracy.

What: Craft 5X all-in-one milling machine

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Where: This compact all-in-one milling machine also includes a dust collector, water pump, and compressor and can be installed anywhere without space restrictions.

When: Any dental laboratory looking to upgrade its milling system.

Why: CRAFT 5X uses 1-step milling, which is designed to reduce production stages by milling the abutment and suprastructure at the same time. It allows for efficiency by milling the abutment during the sintering of the zirconia bridge. The CRAFT 5X is also designed to improve accuracy by preventing errors that can occur during scanning. Lab technicians can choose between dry type and wet type for flexible workflows suitable with most materials. In addition, this unit features a touchscreen and built-in computer and its software has a user-friendly interface.

*The How: CRAFT 5X is a simultaneous 5-axis machine that mills on X, Y, and Z-axis rotating blocks 360 degrees in clockwise and counterclockwise movements. This allows for excellent fits without restrictions on the shapes of prostheses. This unit is compatible with both wet and dry milling and features waterproof sealing protection intended to increase the machine’s longevity. Despite its compact size, the CRAFT 5X delivers milling speeds with low vibration for precise milling. Its closed-loop system corrects external disturbances automatically where the feedback element is always present, which is designed to create a more reliable and accurate milling mechanism.