Dental Products Report-2013-04-01

Dental Products Report

How to effectively market your dental practice in the digital age

June 13, 2013

The Internet has changed the marketing game. From social media sites to blogging, there are so many ways to get the word out about your dental practice. Here’s why you need to be part of the digital marketing age.

These 2 curing lights provide quality results with a high ROI

June 03, 2013

As equipment goes, curing lights tend to lean more toward the “workhorse” than “inspirational” variety. But in these two cases, the dentists have found not just quality results, but true ROI in the lights they’ve selected.

6 reasons you should consider LED operatory lights

June 03, 2013

Numerous people are seeing the benefits of LED lighting in their homes and offices. With several recent product launches, the dental profession is coming to understand the value as well - not just as an environmentally friendly option, but one that makes a clinical and cost-savings difference for the product.

Tablet technology leads evolution in dental practice computing

June 03, 2013

We’ve seen a steady evolution of computing and computer usage in our offices with major upgrades/changes since the year 2000. We’ve moved from computers strictly in the business office to computers in the treatment areas.

16 products and procedures to increase your efficiency, productivity

April 02, 2013

More products, procedures and best practices to help you maximize your time and your dental team’s productivity. Want all 51 Tips now? Watch our entire 51 Efficiency Tips playlist on Dental Product Report's YouTube Channel.