Author | Elizabeth Nies, RDH


Product Review: How to ensure your patients have a pain-free visit every time

August 07, 2013

A hygienist’s take on Cetylite’s Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic.

Top 5 ways to get patients to accept treatment

July 15, 2013

Want to improve case acceptance in your practice? Check out these must-read tips.

5 ways you’re keeping patients from accepting treatment

May 21, 2013

Having trouble getting patients to yes? Here's how you might be sabotaging yourself.

Team Approach: Controlling periodontal disease

March 21, 2012

Year after year, survey after survey, DPR’s readers affirm that when it comes to choosing new dental products for their dental practices, colleague recommendations are vital. Here, we provide space for dental professionals-like you and your team-to reflect on the products they see making a difference.