How to maintain a clean, healthy evacuation system

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How Bio-Pure, a simple system cleaner, can save your practice money.

It is not often that one gets to write about a product that really does impact the finances of every dental practice. Guaranteed stable suction is critical for all patient procedures. A system slogging down during a busy day will disrupt production and trigger a series of costly panic ‘fix it” activities.

Every dental practice has some regime of daily line cleaning, trap hand cleaning and scheduled evacuation system maintenance. Flushing suction lines, trap hand cleaning and maintaining the system has traditionally been done using non foaming chemical cleaners.

Bio-Pure brings new ways (bio science and micro biology) to solving an old problem. How to maintain a clean and healthy evacuation system? Unlike so many “new” systems, Bio-Pure requires no up-front investment.  Bio-Pure’s ROI starts from the day you start using it.

For example, the weekly Bio-Pure product cost to “soak” one operatory is $1.77, versus the average product cost to “flush” one operatory, which is $2.71.

The cause and effect of chemical cleaners

Traditional chemical cleaners leave behind traces of organic waste (biofilm) as they flush the lines. This biofilm builds up and progressively blocks the evacuation system. Like a heart attack, these progressive blockages give little warning of the suction failure they incubate.

Failure comes without warning, catching the dentist, the assistant and the patient off guard. Bio-Pure uses a microbial formulation to ‘soak’ the whole evacuation system. After being added to the system, like a traditional cleaner, the microbes get to work and literally “eat” the organic waste away. 

No more loss of production income or high costs of emergency technician calls.

“Our lines are always running at full productivity,” said Dr. Ted C. Kawulok of Boulder, CO. “No more slogging down during the middle of a productive day.”

Flushing with traditional chemical cleaners does not eliminate waste, it merely relocates the waste. Soaking with Bio-Pure actually eliminates organic waste. Eliminating waste versus relocating waste means buying fewer replacement filter cartridges, or having less potentially toxic waste to dispose of. The UCLA Faculty Group Dental Practice team found they could save an additional $1,500 per month.

“I would recommend Bio-Pure to any practice that wants an effective, ‘all natural’ product that saves money on evacuation system expense,” said Rochelle Bache, of UCLA Faculty Group Dental Practice.

Eliminate waste, eliminate a dirty job

Eliminating waste in the evacuation system impacts practice operations in a number of ways. Operatories are never “down” with frustrated staff wasting time trying to find a solution. The unpleasant task of daily trap cleaning is done four times less often.
Daily “flushing” becomes a bi-weekly “soaking.”

“I came back two weeks later and took a picture of the same fitting and it had cleared 50%,” said John Napier, owner of Tech West Inc., a company that sells high quality dental vacuums and dental air compressors. “Bio-Pure is not only a recommendation but a necessity in having a healthy vacuum system.”

Before and after of a typical pipe.

New life for slogged systems

Bio-Pure does play a part in significantly extending the life of evacuation systems that might otherwise need replacement.  Although not a popular message to any replacement equipment manufacturer, dental practices with a slogged system, or an evacuation system suffering from ‘weak’ suction, does have hope.

A Bio-Pure Restoration Treatment will clean out places not reachable with any “flush” cleaner, giving new life to systems destined for the scrap heap.

Before and after of a typical trap.

Beyond dollars and cents

Besides the clear financial advantages of using Bio-Pure and new bio science to ‘soak’ an evacuations system, there are a number of “big” picture savings that warrant serious consideration.

In the early 1990s Dr. Ross Fraker, DDS, PhD, began his work with the city of Seattle to stop amalgam (and other heavy metal waste generated by the dental industry) from entering the municipal waste water treatment processes.

For more than 15 years Dr. Fraker, President of R & D Services Inc., has applied his experience as an engineer and dentist to develop products that separate out this solid waste.

An “after” shot of the filter.

The Amalgam Collector™ includes a reusable collection canister (no replacement filter cartridges) and is supplied with a sample of Bio-Pure as the recommended solution for healthy maintenance of evacuation systems.

The Anterior Quest HG Containment System goes one step further. It is recommended by THE DENTAL ADVISOR for collecting 100% of the liquid dental waste from a dental office. Their service includes managing disposal of this potentially toxic waste.

Anterior Quest recommends Bio-Pure to their customers to guarantee suction performance and minimize the volume of waste to be disposed of.

Check out this video to learn more about R&D Services and its amalgam separators:

Old problem, new science   

Bio-Pure is not just another cleaning product. Bio-Pure is an opportunity to use modern science to solve an old problem in a new and significantly superior way.  While guaranteeing improved suction, Bio-Pure delivers a number of financial advantages to every dental practice.

From basic savings in line maintenance costs, to operational and staff efficiency, to contributing to the bigger picture of an industry that seeks to be responsible for the waste it generates.

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