How to grow your practice with Patterson Dental's RevenueWell and Eaglesoft 16

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-04-01, Issue 4

A look at how Patterson Dental’s Eaglesoft Practice Management Software and RevenueWell can help enhance your practice, written from a team perspective.

A look at how Patterson Dental’s Eaglesoft Practice Management Software and RevenueWell can help enhance your practice, written from a team perspective.

Efficiency and productivity are vital qualities not only for the clinical staff in a dental practice, but the front office staff as well. We need tools and services to help us interact with patients in the most efficient and professional way, and in today’s consumer-driven market, we also need to connect with patients using the channels that they prefer.

Eaglesoft Practice Management Software and RevenueWell, both provided by Patterson Dental, give us the tools to do just that. With these programs, we are able to contact patients, schedule appointments, collect billing, and more through largely automated processes.

This frees up valuable time in the front office for staff to focus on providing more personal attention to patients and to concentrate on more big-picture thinking about where our practice is going next.

Intuitive practice management tools

We have used Eaglesoft for several years now, and the latest version, Eaglesoft 16, has proven to be a powerful way to organize data in the office. The system is very intuitive, which is helpful in our large practice-new team members can be trained on the software quickly and easily.

Eaglesoft is customizable, so we can set preferences according to how we run accounting, scheduling, reporting, security and imaging. Other customization options let us create a toolbar just for our needs, and navigate quickly between operations.

Other features such as line-item accounting, date-based reporting and family walkout processing give us additional tools for efficiency.

Did you know...RevenueWell offers a comprehensive and automated approach to solving online marketing challenges. How? By distributing business profile information to more than 150 search engines, directories and social media websites.

Marketing and patient communications onautopilot

In our office, we’ve integrated RevenueWell with Eaglesoft. RevenueWell is a marketing and patient communications software suite that runs many tasks itself.

In the past, we used a marketing system that automated some tasks in the practice, but still left the front office with a lot of follow-up. RevenueWell gives us much more by automating patient recalls and reactivation, as well as treatment plan follow-ups.

Online appointment scheduling lets patients request appointments at their convenience, and appointment reminders and confirmations are automated as well.

Patients are able to specify how they like to be contacted, whether by email, text message, or phone call, and we are better able to communicate with them in the medium they prefer. 

Patients also have the option of creating their own account within our system, and accessing their information online. This lets them look up their past and future appointments and check what’s left on their insurance policy without having to call the office.

RevenueWell also provides online payment options, which means patients don’t have to wait for office hours to call and make payments.

For our practice, one of RevenueWell’s best features is the online review capability. The system automatically emails patients to solicit reviews after a visit, which are then posted on search engine sites. This not only makes our practice more visible online, but it dramatically increased the amount of candid feedback we receive from patients, which helps us continually improve our service.

It’s also a great morale booster to be able to show a provider that a patient wrote a procedure was “painless,” “five stars,” or “top notch.” These are real examples of reviews we’ve received from patients. Some patients aren’t necessarily that outgoing in the office, so by giving them the ability to submit feedback online in their own time, we’re able to better strengthen our relationships with them.

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A modern, efficient practice

With RevenueWell and Eaglesoft, we project an image of a technologically savvy practice that has adapted to serve patients and listen to their needs. We are able to run our large office as efficiently as possible and keep the schedule busy.

These capabilities help us stay organized, deliver great patient care, and grow our practice more easily than ever before.