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Top 5 benefits of Innoden's BIOX portable x-ray unit

June 20, 2013
Information provided by Innoden LLC

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-04-01, Issue 4

What this lightweight portable x-ray unit can do for your practice.

What this lightweight portable x-ray unit can do for your practice.

Check out these 5 reasons to consider incorporating the economical, lightweight BIOX portable x-ray unit in your practice.

1. Because the economical BIOX is a portable x-ray unit, it can save a practice thousands of dollars. It can be moved from operatory to operatory, with no need to invest in a wall-mounted x-ray unit.

2. Because the unit allows for more frequent x-rays to be taken during a procedure, it helps improve accuracy and effectiveness.

3. The lightweight unit is easy to operate and has a wide colored LCD with easy to recognize preset exposure times. With a touch of a button, the setting and preset exposure time can be changed.

4. The unit features internal shielding, a zero leakage design and a backscatter shield to ensure safety and minimize x-ray exposure to the patient and operator.

5. The portable x-ray unit has a 3.0mA current, making it powerful enough to use with any digital sensors.

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