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A universal cleaning paste suitable for all materials

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report April 2020
Volume 54
Issue 4

Ivoclean from Ivoclar Vivadent decontaminates bonding surfaces after intraoral try-in

Dr. Zach Sisler

As a practitioner in rural Pennsylvania running a dual-purpose dental practice that offers both comprehensive cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry, it’s imperative that Dr. Zach Sisler has a reliable product on hand that he can use for all cases. And while he learned an assortment of different cleaning techniques for restorations while in dental school at West Virginia University, he’s found that in the 10 years since graduating, he reaches for one cleansing product exclusively, Ivoclar Vivadent’s Ivoclean.

Dr. Sisler actually uses a range of Ivoclar Vivadent products because he knows he can rely on them to provide predictable results that are esthetically pleasing. However, for him, Ivoclean in particular is unmatched and irreplaceable in his practice.

“I graduated in 2010, and that’s kind of when zirconia crowns and all porcelain restorations were really hitting great stride and taking a competitive share of the marketplace, and that’s when Ivoclar really got on my radar,” he says. “The Ivoclar products were new to me as I was coming out of school, however, they were kind of the latest and the greatest, so that’s what we started using and we kind of haven’t turned back since.”

Ivoclean, a universal cleaning paste used to clean the surface of a restoration after it’s been tried in the mouth and contaminated with saliva, is one product Dr. Sisler uses on a daily basis.

Born out of initial issues with the bonding of zirconia and porcelain restorations that resulted in loose or lost restorations, Ivoclean was created when researchers figured out the try-in phase of the procedure was what created a contaminated environment. This contamination could later compromise the bond and hold of a restoration. Today, Dr. Sisler believes the results have yet to be matched with the same ease and simplicity offered by Ivoclean. 

“Any time I put a single unit crown in all the way up to a full mouth rehabilitation, we’re using Ivoclean on the ceramics prior to going in the mouth,” he says. “That’s why we really like Ivoclar products, they make it all very systematic and their products really work well with one another. I can use Ivoclean for a simple, single crown that I’m doing on a general dentistry patient, all the way up to a 28-unit full mouth rehab that we’re doing on a specialty patient. It makes it simple for my staff and for my team to be able to know the product we’re using and the system that’s involved with that,” Dr. Sisler says.

Regardless of the brand or type of dental cement he’s using, Dr. Sisler always uses Ivoclean to prepare the restoration surface. For him, the beauty of this product is that after he’s tried a restoration in the mouth and it’s been contaminated he can easily place Ivoclean and it does its job of cleaning the surface by drawing the phosphates from saliva out of the restoration and into the product itself. In turn, this process creates an ideal surface for the cement to engage the crown as well as adhere to the tooth. 

“Honestly, I don’t use anything else and I wouldn’t. I can’t even think of any ways I could suggest to make it better, it’s just that good. They make it so easy and user-friendly I don’t have any need to change what I’m using or ever switch to a different product,” Dr. Sisler says. “I’m putting this in the crown, I’m letting it sit for 20 seconds, then rinse and I’m done, compared to using something like acid etch gels in order to get the same results.” 

Next to its consistent and dependable results, ease of use is one of the major draws to this Ivoclar Vivadent product for many practitioners. There’s no mess or rigorous clean-up with Ivoclean, just place, agitate, and rinse. For Dr. Sisler, the time and effort saved thanks to that ease is the key to its success and following within the dental community.

“I just like this because it’s simple to use and it’s quick,” he says. “You have to clean the inside of the restoration out regardless, and I know there are other cleansing agents coming on the market trying to replicate Ivoclar’s product, but it’s going to take a lot for dentists to relinquish the predictability they’re getting with Ivoclean.


Ivoclean is a universal cleaning paste designed to effectively clean the bonding surfaces of prosthetic restorations after intraoral try-in, creating optimum pre-requisites for the adhesive luting procedure. It’s designed to perform its action on all dental restorative materials, such as glass, zirconium oxide, and aluminum oxide ceramics. Ivoclean is said to be easy to apply to the bonding surface, and reacts for 20 seconds.

Ivoclar Vivadent800-533-6825  |  ivoclarvivadent.com

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