Clear aligner therapy at an attractive cost

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2020, Volume 54, Issue 4

OrthoFX is offering clear aligners at a set price, and helping this dentist grow his practice along the way.

Offering a more affordable clear aligner therapy for patients who want to straighten their teeth without breaking the bank has paid off for Dr. Gavin Miller, who operates La Jolla Dentistry in La Jolla, Calif. 

Dr. Miller began working with OrthoFX in September to offer clear aligners at a set price of $3,950, which includes the aligners, one set of retainers, dental visits, replacement aligners if a patient loses or breaks one,  and a 3-year guarantee. 

That price, compared to between $5,000 and $6,000 or more for other top name aligners, was appealing to this clinician, who believed it would also be attractive to his patients. He   has treated about 40 patients with OrthoFX aligners since September. 

“I like being able to provide aligners at a more affordable price,” he says. “I also like that it’s a very innovative company.”

OrthoFX was founded by two former Invisalign executives who saw problems in the tooth straightening world, including patients who were receiving poor results from mail order treatments. They started a company to emphasize clear, upfront pricing, face-to-face dentistry, and incorporate the latest in 3D printing and software technology. 

OrthoFX uses 3D scanning technology to create a personalized aligner system that gently moves teeth into position. Made from a next generation polymer, they are designed to fit the teeth like a glove as they apply gentle pressure to each tooth and create movement over time. They are designed for comfort with three layers of material containing an elastomeric layer in the middle, and  also are stain resistant and nearly invisible. 

“The aligners don’t look intrusive in the patient’s mouth. You wouldn’t even know they are there,” Dr. Miller  says. 

OrthoFX’s partner dentists are carefully selected and must possess a current and valid state dental license. The company audits these records annually. 

The process for a patient is very straightforward. A patient makes an appointment to meet with the doctor for an evaluation and a 3D scan is taken of their mouth and sent to OrthoFX. The first aligner is ready for the patient’s second visit. Once a treatment plan is finalized, the rest of the patient’s aligners are delivered chairside to the patient as treatment progresses. Treatments generally last between six and 18 months, during which the patient keeps regular appointments with their doctor. 

Dr. Miller said he generally sees patients three to five times depending on the number of aligners. 


Patients also have options to try out the aligners before committing to a plan. At no charge they can submit smiling selfies to the OrthoFX website and get a free 3D model of their finished smile. Then there’s a $95 “Try It Kit” option that includes a dental exam, an intraoral scan, and a custom set of passive aligners so patients can actually experience treatment.

Patients who may not be good candidates for the treatment include those with periodontal disease, missing teeth or active dental decay. A doctor will evaluate their condition and make recommendations before they can begin treatment. 

Dr. Miller has consulted on occasion with an OrthoFX orthodontist about the treatment plans and has been satisfied with the interactions. 

He would advise any dentist considering working with clear aligners to do their homework. 

“I wouldn’t just dip into it without having learned the therapies,” says Dr. Miller, who began to do CE with Invisalign in the early 2000s. 

He classifies the types of cases he treats with OrthoFX and any other clear aligner treatment he uses as mild to moderate, but these aligners can be used for many complex case types as well.

Dr. Miller has occasionally treated people who wanted to fix their smiles after treatment with mail order teeth straightening. “It worries me that they’re not getting the proper supervision and whether their teeth are safe to move,” he says. 

OrthoFX also accepts insurance and payment plans and processes insurance claims. “It’s been beneficial to my practice as we have picked up restorative work to do as well for some of these patients,” Dr. Miller adds.

A clear aligner service designed to make the process simple for both clinicians and patients, OrthoFX connects patients with its network of dentists in order to provide hands-on care at a single set price. In person, the single upfront price for the patient covers all office visits, the initial digital impression, customized treatment design, and the full series of aligners with free replacement aligners and follow-up retainers. 


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