Solve My Problem: Power your practice with a smart handpiece

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2020, Volume 54, Issue 4

The powerful Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece by Star® from DentalEZ can cut through newer prosthetic materials, delivering the elegance of air and the authority of electric.

Information provided by DentalEZ, Inc.

The Problem

Typically clinicians can’t cut through zirconia with an air-driven handpiece

Other concerns with some handpiece systems include insufficient in-hand stability and balance, which can lead to increased strain and fatigue. 


The Solution

Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece by Star®

  • The handpiece features an industry-leading 39 watts that rivals the performance of electric with the confidence and safety of air. Advancements in prosthetic materials, especially zirconia, require industry-leading power to efficiently manage 

  • Greater in-hand stability with exceptional balance minimizes effort and fatigue

  • Maintain control with in-office turbine replacements to ensure readiness and maximum performance is always within reach. Exclusive LubeFree technology makes it easy to maintain control with in-office turbine replacements 

  • Patent-pending embedded RFID technology can reduce the burden for office staff by automating tracking and recordkeeping (when used in conjunction with a compatible RFID reader system) 

  • This air-driven highspeed handpiece gives the user the cutting experience of an electric handpiece with the tactile feedback of an air-driven unit

  • The push-button chuck system is friendly with all finger sizes making it easy to keep the clinician’s day running smoothly


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