A diode laser that increases clinical success and reduces post-op discomfort

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2020, Volume 54, Issue 4

The Bluewave Diode Laser is a portable, effective option for the operatory.

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The Problem

Traditional methods, such as electrocautery, are limited in their scope, while scalpels can be more time-consuming


Plus, these tools are less precise than a laser and can increase patient discomfort.

The Solution

Bluewave Soft Tissue Diode Laser

  • Allows dentists to perform soft tissue procedures with virtually no bleeding, pain, or post-operative swelling compared to electrocautery or a scalpel

  • Minimal need for anesthesia

  • Designed to decrease treatment time in many cases

  • At 2.55 pounds, this 5W, 810 nm diode laser is lightweight and completely portable, allowing it to be moved between operatories

  • Suitable for a wide range of indications, including gingival contouring, tissue retraction for impression taking, and laser-assisted periodontal therapy

  • Features a unique blue-aiming beam that is designed to produce a higher contrast on oral tissues and blood

  • Its disposable tip reportedly eliminates the inconsistency and inconvenience of strip-and-cleave systems

  • The rechargeable lithium ion battery allows for more than three  hours of continuous use

  • The curved, ergonomic handpiece is designed to provide better posterior access and reduce hand fatigue