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April 2020 new products

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report April 2020
Volume 54
Issue 4

[On the Cover Products]

Aeras Elite 500 Handpiece by Star®

Part of the company’s new Aeras platform of intelligent dental equipment, the Aeras Elite 500 Handpiece by Star is designed to provide the power of an electric handpiece with the lightweight, ergonomic comfort, and control of an air-driven system. This air-driven system provides up to 39 watts of power with a traditional sized head for improved convenience and performance. The handpiece is designed with LubeFree technology and allows in-office turbine replacement for easy maintenance.

Why this handpiece stands out:

Beyond its pure cutting power, the latest handpiece from DentalEZ features embedded RFID technology to make it simple for a practice to monitor and document handpiece sterilization and maintenance. This allows practices to know where their handpieces are, how they are being used, and when it will require standard servicing, as well as saving time by automating infection control documentation.

DentalEZ866-DTE-INFO | dentalez.com


Designed to help document the clinical situation for patients exhibiting signs and symptoms of bruxism, BruxRelief is a cloud-connected wearable device allowing patients to assess masticatory muscle activity from their own home. The assessments are easily viewed in the associated app, and both clinicians and patients can see the assessments right away. Data collected by the system makes it easier to prescribe treatment and monitor progress.

Why this solution is a step forward:

While there are often physical signs of bruxism, such as tooth abrasion or abfraction, not every patient with bruxism problems exhibits these symptoms. So, monitoring temporalis muscle activity can provide detailed evidence of the problem the patient is facing, as well as documentation for insurance and billing purposes. Additionally, with a simple app to monitor the system, access to the cloud-based data from anywhere, and easy to understand reports, the BruxRelief system is simple enough for any practice and patient to use.

Bravrr720-432-6156 | bruxrelief.com


A complete endodontic instrumentation system, TruNatomy files are designed to take the natural canal anatomy into account to make root canal treatment simpler and less invasive for patients. The system includes an Orifice Modifier and a Glider designed to create easy canal access and glidepaths without requiring straightline access. The shaping files are made from slim, heat-treated NiTi, and are designed to operate at high speeds with reduced effort. They are available in three sizes and working lengths and the full system also includes an Irrigation Needle as well as obturation products.

Why these endodontic files stand out:

The TruNatomy system is designed around the concept of preserving as much dentin during endodontic treatment as possible. The files are designed to work through smaller access orifices, and they can effectively clean a canal without the need for straightline access. In addition, having a complete system to cover the entire procedure from access to obturation allows for confidence and efficiency throughout the treatment.

Dentsply Sirona844-848-0137 | dentsplysirona.com

 [Mobile Operatory]

Aseptico® AMC-15 Self-Contained Mobile Operatory

The Aseptico® AMC-15 Self-Contained Mobile Operatory can perform general dentistry and endodontic procedures-all with no connection to air or plumbing. Just fill the two 1-liter water supply bottles and power with either 115V or 230V and it becomes fully operational with two high-speed handpieces, one low-speed handpiece, high-volume and low-volume suction, and amalgam separator. It  is easily moved and sets up to make an optimally efficient instant operatory. Add the height-adjustable Auxiliary Arm with Accessory Tray for super efficiency. Suited for use in nursing homes or other institutional settings.

Aseptico800-244-2954  |  aseptico.com

[Laser Accessory]

Photobiomodulation (PBM) Adapter 

The photobiomodulation (PBM) adapter for the Gemini™ 810 + 980 soft tissue diode laser is the company’s latest tool for non-invasive treatments. When paired with the Gemini laser, the adapter gives clinicians the ability to treat a myriad of conditions-specifically pain management, even with such conditions as TMJ disorders-with one easy-to-use device. The adapter functions on the 810 wavelength, the optimal wavelength to be absorbed for photobiomodulation. Designed exclusively for the Gemini 810 + 980 soft tissue diode laser, the PBM adapter expands the Gemini laser’s extensive catalogue of procedures to deliver highly impactful treatments.

Ultradent Products800-552-5512  |  ultradent.com

[Intraoral X-ray Sensor]


The KaVo IXS intraoral X-ray sensors size 1 and 2 sensors feature KaVoTouch™ engineering in both the sensors and the cable, which reportedly pass the company’s Gendex GXS-700 sensors in both strength and durability. They are said to be three times more resistant to damage or functional failure and withstand double the biteforce than the GXS-700. The sensors have open architecture software capabilities and can be seamlessly integrated into most popular imaging and practice management software without the need for a bridge or additional modules. They also include automatic software updates, direct-download calibration files inside the sensor, and IoT capabilities. 

KaVo Dental888-ASK-KAVO  |  kavo.com 

[Practice Management Software]

XLDent Cloud

XLDent Cloud combines the company’s practice management software with cloud data management technology, and is described as a solution for both prospective and current XLDent customers who want to take advantage of all the cloud benefits. It uses the current XLDent software in a hosted environment. The integrated solutions and feature-rich capabilities that dental practices are familiar with remain fully operational, making this a smooth transition to the cloud. The company also offers a more comprehensive plan, bundling powerful eServices such as Real-Time Insurance Eligibility, Electronic Remittance Advice, Patient and Doctor Portals, Encrypted Email, and more. 

XLDent800-328-2925  |  xldent.com/cloud  

[Curing Light]

Radii Xpert

Radii Xpert is described as a smarter curing light that incorporates the latest in LED technology to deliver targeted, consistent light for optimally cured restorations. Precision curing is achieved with unique target assist technology, as a positioning light is said to ensure light is correctly placed over the restoration being cured. An optimally collimated beam ensures the light intensity is maintained on the restoration being cured. The 1,500 mW/cm2 light intensity over a 4-mm aperture and wavelength of 440 nm to 480 nm, reliably cures all composites without the need for extended wavelengths. Smart technology includes an LCD display, countdown timer, and the ability to save a favorite setting. 

SDI 800-228-5166  |  sdi.com.au

[Barrier Sleeve]


Sleeve-It™ is a new disposable barrier sleeve line that provides proven protection against cross-contamination. Made from high-grade durable material, the barriers have passed extensive testing to ensure patient safety. Easy to use, the barriers slide over syringe dispensers and feature a pre-cut opening to pass through the dispensing tip. Ideal for multiple-use dispensers that cannot be reprocessed using heat-sterilized or high-level disinfectants, they come in multiple sizes and can be conveniently used for each new patient per FDA recommendations. 

Premier Dental Co.888-670-6100  |  premierdentalco.com

[Practice Management Software]

Ava, the Virtual Office Manager

Ava, the Virtual Office Manager tool, is part of the new MMG Manage suite of services acting as a Virtual Office Assistant. Unified Communications, and its optional AI powered upgrade Ava, were designed, tested, and continually improved by dentists and staff. Ava’s primary function is to use AI to prioritize, streamline, and disseminate daily office tasks to team members using the Unified Communications system. The new tool creates tasks such as patient follow up or insurance verification, then assigns each task to the relevant team member or completes the task on its own when applicable. Once assigned, it will monitor the task through to its completion, ensuring efficiency. 

MMG Fusion844-938-7466  |  mmgfusion.com

[Digital Dentistry Software]

Heron™ IOS Solution

Part of the Heron IOS Solution, the HeronClinic software platform is designed to improve the overall scanner performance and HeronCloud enables easy exchange of cases between dentist and lab. The entirely new case management user interface features smart improvements to the scan experience for both dentist and patient, giving a more complete user experience, and better inspection and visualization of the scan. The Manual Bite Alignment function introduces the ability to manually adjust the bite to ensure a perfect alignment is delivered to the lab, improving the CAD/CAM process. Other features provide the Ability to Open Jaws; Colored Distance Map; and the new durable tip.

3DISC800-570-0363  |  3DISC.com

[Practice Management Software]


ORCA intelligence-backed software is designed to place dentists in full control of their practice by streamlining access to essential business and marketing services, masterclass training, equipment logistics, sales, and data intelligence. The technology gives dental practices instant access to marketing campaigns, progress reports, and a wealth of data in order to spend more valuable face-to-face time with patients. A major feature is ORCA’s artificial intelligence (AI) call analysis capability, which streamlines the way dental practices around the world operate; it is implemented in a new manner utilizing AI to measure intent and potential production opportunities.

Dental Whale 866-805-0091  |  www.dentalwhale.com


RiseWell Mineral Toothpaste

RiseWell toothpaste is made with naturally-derived hydroxyapatite, a mineral that makes up 97 percent of tooth enamel and has been proven to strengthen and protect your teeth without fluoride. Unlike many natural toothpastes, the company didn’t just remove the toxic ingredients found in traditional toothpastes; it swapped in 100 percent safe and natural alternatives that clean and protect just as effectively. Made with essential oils (such as peppermint and tea tree) and extracts (such as cinnamon and echinacea) that not only naturally freshen breath, but have been shown to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, boost your immune system, and more. The toothpaste is Wild Mint flavored.

RiseWell843-384-1282  |  risewell.com

[Anti-Bruxing Device]


Inspired by the NTI design, GrindReliefN anti-bruxing device for professional use does not require models, laboratory fees, nor multiple appointments. Invented and patented by a dentist who also suffered from bruxism, it features a Central Power Bar to prevent bite-through and reduce muscle activity by 60 percent or more. The bar creates pressure on the upper and lower mid-line at the same time; the device doubles the beneficial mechanism of action of the NTI device. It can be fitted to upper or lower arches, can be re-fitted as needed, has a 3-year wear guarantee and FDA clearance. This device can be billed as any other bruxing appliance or splint.

Grind Guard Technologies877-401-1224  |  grindreliefn.com

[Hand Scalers]

Empowerment Kit

The Empowerment Kit is a new set of hand scalers designed specifically to enhance the effectiveness of ultrasonic and AIRFLOW® treatment protocol to deliver optimal clinical outcomes. This kit is a set of uniquely designed instruments that are optimized for detection and removal of residual calculus from hard to reach interproximal and subgingival areas. It is the first set of instruments that specifically support ultrasonic scaling and AIRFLOW. It features blades that are on average 10 percent thinner, with the clinically proven sharp cutting edge of EVEREDGE 2.0, facilitating easier access to subgingival and interproximal surfaces of the tooth. The instruments included are color coded. 

Hu-Friedy Group800-483-7433  |  HU-FRIEDY.COM/EMPOWERMENTKIT 

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