Solve My Problem: Efficient, economical endodontic files

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2020, Volume 54, Issue 4

SafeSiders HF from Essential Dental Systems are designed to reduce file breakage while delivering a number of benefits to assist in what can often be difficult procedures.

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The Problem

When endodontic files break, the outcome of your treatments can suffer dramatically


Additionally, some file systems are not flexible enough to follow the anatomy of the canal, therefore creating a risk of ledging, transportation, and perforation, as well as a greater loss of dentin.

The Solution

SafeSiders® HF

  • Designed with a patented helical flat. This flat combined with a special heat treated NiTi process is said to produce the safest and most efficient rotary root canal instrument in dentistry

  • A system with a reduced number of instruments required for cleaning and shaping while preserving the anatomy

  • The instrument is highly resistant to breakage; and the instrumentation flexibility which follows the anatomy of the canal, is designed to reduce the risk of ledging, transportation, perforation and minimize the loss of dentin 

  • Reduces engagement along length; features a self-advancing, easy, negotiation of canals; also produces faster instrumentation to the apex 

  • For optimal use and safety, these economical instruments can be used in the Endo-CSV™ Cordless Endodontic Handpiece with Built-in LED Illumination, but also can be used with your current endo motor

  • Efficient, time-saving rotary instrument shaping system that is also tough and reusable-the instruments can be used up to three times

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