Streamlining practice management with Eaglesoft 20

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report January 2019, Volume 53, Issue 1

Why one dental office has been a loyal user of Patterson Eaglesoft software for 20 years.

Patterson Eaglesoft practice management software has been a top choice of dental offices for more than two decades. Version 20 is their latest, which was released in the summer of 2018. It offers significant upgrades that enhance and streamline all aspects of clinical and practice management.

At Fairbrother Premier Dentistry in West Hartford, Connecticut, Virginia Fairbrother had been part of Eaglesoft’s beta program, testing out version 20 before its release. The Fairbrother practice has been using different versions of Eaglesoft since the late ’90s. The new version includes a number of new features that make the software well worth an upgrade.

Many offices are already familiar with the advantages of Eaglesoft, including multi-patient accounting for families, a one-button click from the scheduling window to open DEXIS to view radiographs, and the ability to create station-specific, custom views that are remembered on each computer within the office to suit individual preferences. But the free upgrade to Eaglesoft 20 with a support plan makes the initial investment in the software really pay off.

The new version adds enhancement and customization to Eaglesoft’s clinical platform, including broadened notes functionality, enabling users to add notes to the patient’s note history in a variety of font sizes and colors as well as adding notes more efficiently. Tooth charting has enhanced visual effects as well.

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“The look has improved, giving the user a 3D effect, so you can see multi-surfaces on the tooth,” says Fairbrother, who serves as practice administrator at Fairbrother Premier Dentistry. “The tooth chart change is subtle but is a definite improvement.”

Major gains come in the form of a “patient toolbar,” which includes picture icons to take you to any part of a record from tooth history to insurance to benefits. If you elect to include e-services in your software package, then you get additional functionality such as real-time benefits eligibility, e-claims, electronic statements and credit card processing - all from within the software. This helps to make all operations centralized and seamless.

There’s also an RSS feed for instant access to training, tips, resources and customer service at the Patterson Technology Center.

“Even people unfamiliar with working in a dental office can be brought up to speed with the in-program training and tips available instantly in the RSS feed,” Fairbrother says.

In addition, you can start a customer service chat session from a link in Eaglesoft, linking you directly to actual employees based out of the company’s tech center in Illinois.

“Patterson Eaglesoft wins in the area of customer support,” Fairbrother says. “There are free webinars, phone support, or you can use the chat feature. It’s very intuitive software and is updated twice a year to ensure continued compliance.”

If you’re unsure about your practice’s ability to upgrade to the newest version, Eaglesoft can do an audit of your systems to determine capability. The company will thoroughly handle all aspects of the upgrade to ensure a completely smooth transition with every facet of patient information being brought together.

“We have a holistic approach to our dental practice here,” Fairbrother says. “The all-in-one nature of Patterson Eaglesoft 20 is a great partner to how we run our practice here. It’s an excellent product that improves workflow and practice management functionality.”