Solve my problem: Saving time with a composite

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report January 2019, Volume 53, Issue 1

How Ecosite Bulk Fill can be used to shorten procedure times yet maintain restoration integrity.

The problem: Conventional composites require several layers to fill deep voids

When it comes to filling deep voids, most composites require several layers. This takes time to perform, making the procedure inconvenient and often uncomfortable for the patient.

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The solution: Ecosite Bulk Fill

  • Ecosite Bulk Fill is a posterior restorative composite that’s designed to deliver superior esthetics with a single, quick 20-second light cure.

  • Its ability to flow smoothly under pressure is engineered to ensure high packability without sticking to instruments.

  • The material reportedly reliably cures in a single-layer application to the depth of 5mm while providing unmatched handling, polishability and superb adaptation.

  • The nano submicron hybrid composite technology is said to allow for low shrinkage stress and a high-gloss finish for a natural-looking esthetic.

  • The material is available in both universal and light esthetic, all-purpose shades, as well as a contrast shade when contrast with the tooth is desirable.