How to achieve easy placement and long-lasting strength with an injectable composite

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report January 2019, Volume 53, Issue 1

How G-ænial Universal Injectable can be used to create esthetic and durable restorations.

G-ænial™ Universal Injectable is a new light-cured radiopaque injectable composite from GC America. The company prides itself on taking into account the perspectives of clinicians and patients alike in its product offerings, and G-ænial Universal Injectable is no exception.

Patients will now benefit from durable and long-lasting esthetic restorations that retain their gloss for many years, thanks to the homogeneously dispersed, ultra-fine particle formula of G-ænial Universal Injectable.

The injectable’s high-strength, ultra-fine barium-glass particles formula (150nm particle size, 69% wt filler loading) offers ideal viscosity as well as handling and adaptation characteristics that are optimal for use in long-lasting, esthetic restorations. The material is designed to be highly durable, exhibiting outstanding flexural strength and wear resistance.

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The composite is said to be perfect for long-lasting esthetics, offering high gloss retention and resistance to discoloration. In addition, it’s engineered to protect against chipping and fracture, and it offers all-around excellent durability.    

“One of the most notable features is the extremely high resistance to discoloration compared to other products I have used,” says Dr. Miles Cone, DMD, MS, CDT, FACP, of Nuance Dental Specialists in Portland, Maine. “This translates to high patient satisfaction and fewer remakes of long-term provisionals due to cosmetic issues related to staining.”

G-ænial Universal Injectable is designed to be stackable, easy to manipulate and, notably, to stay where it’s placed without risk of sticking to dental instruments.


"One of the benefits of G-ænial Universal Injectable that makes it unique is that even though it is a flowable resin, it really does not stick to my instruments,” Dr. Cone says. “This is really useful when I want to shape the material and recreate anatomy.”

The composite also features high radiopacity, making it easy to identify on an X-ray, a feature Dr. Cone says he appreciates.

“Another benefit of this material is the radiopacity - which of course enables easy radiographic visualization in deep cavity preparations,” he says.

The injectable, shapeable material puts full control in the hands of the dental health professional, allowing him or her to create anatomy as he or she injects, with virtually no slumping or stringing. A clinician can place, shape and contour while injecting, providing a restoration that’s exceptionally strong and long-lasting.

“One of the first things I noticed about G-ænial Universal Injectable is how well this material handles and the ability of the resin to hold its shape while creating anatomy - a feature I would typically never consider with other flowable composites,” Dr. Cone says. “The nano-particle filler creates high flexural strength, ultra-high wear resistance and superior polishabilty. Incorporating G-ænial Universal Injectable into my daily routine just makes sense.”

G-ænial Universal Injectable provides excellent adaptation to the cavity for reduced occurrence of porosities and air bubbles, both of which could potentially compromise marginal integrity. With superb handling to the cavity preparation, it provides a clear solution for Class I, II, III, IV and V restorations.   

“G-ænial Universal Injectable resin has so many applications. In regard to standard operative procedures, I am particularly fond of utilizing this material for Class I and II cavity preparations as well as Class V restorations. The viscosity of this particular composite also makes it ideal for small, esthetic Class III fractures and repairs of the incisal edge,” Dr. Cone says