Solve My Problem: Understanding the details saliva can share with SillHa Oral Wellness System

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report February 2020, Volume 54, Issue 2

With results in just 5 minutes and easy-to-understand reports to share with patients, the SillHa Oral Wellness System makes chairside salivary analysis simple.

Information provided by ARKRAY.

The Problem

Patients may not understand the risks to their oral health.
Without testing and data showing their risks and health problems, patients can be reluctant to accept treatment and maintain their home care routine.


The Solution

SillHa Oral Wellness System

  • A salivary screening system that provides a multi-point analysis in five minutes

  • Uses dual wavelength reflectance to measure reactivity on the saliva test strip to provide details on activity of bacteria, acidity, and presence of inflammatory markers, which may indicate an increased risk for caries and gum disease

  • Easy to use and compact, the device features a touchscreen display and is simple to move throughout a practice

  • SillHa software provides a color-coded report that can be customized to each patient to easily explain test findings

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