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February 2020 New Dental Products

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report February 2020
Volume 54
Issue 2

[On the Cover Products]


Designed to mimic the properties of natural teeth, ACTIVA Presto is a white filling material featuring a moisture-friendly resin said to promote the diffusion of bioavailable calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions. The material’s chemistry reportedly penetrates and integrates with tooth structure for adaptation without margins. It also features a patented rubberized-resin designed to absorb stress and protect against wear, fracture, and chipping. Highly radiopaque, ACTIVA Presto is a stackable composite that resists slumping, and it is indicated for all cavity classes and available in a variety of shades, including cervical shades.

Why this restorative is different than other materials:

Because ACTIVA Presto features a hydrophilic resin it is able to function optimally in the wet intraoral environment. The material is able to function much like natural dentition in the way it combines both the ability to interact with the oral environment for the exchange of calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions, and the shock absorbing properties it exhibits. In look, feel, and function ACTIVA Presto aims to be as close as possible to the natural material it replaces.



OrthoFX is a direct-to-consumer sold, face-to-face doctor delivered clear aligner orthodontic solution. Unlike mail-order aligner companies, OrthoFX requires patients visit an OrthoFX preferred partner doctor to receive OrthoFX orthodontic clear aligners. In their business model, the company pays the doctor as opposed to the doctor paying lab fees. The OrthoFX offering includes insurance authorization, billing, financing, collections, and direct patient outreach through their customer care team. The company’s clear aligner solution is an all-in price of $3,950 to patients and includes a 3-year guarantee with one set of free retainers.

Why is this aligner company different:

By offering a transparent, affordable retail price through a hand-picked doctor network, OrthoFX keeps doctor supervised care at the forefront of the patient’s orthodontic solution to ensure safe results. The company’s next generation polymer, FXTetra™, is designed for patient comfort, with an elastomeric middle layer, and offers predictable outcomes where eight out of 10 patients needed no refinement. The company is technologically forward and will soon launch more innovations, such as a retainer subscription solution.


Pink Wave

Described as the next generation of curing lights, the PinkWave features patent-pending QuadWave Curing Technology that is said to enhance polymerization when compared to other curing lights. The new curing technology reportedly increases composite hardness by more than 20 percent while also decreasing shrinkage by 15 percent or more. The light features a large curing area and offers standard, ramp and boost curing modes. The buttons are ergonomically placed and it’s fabricated with a single piece aluminum body. The light charges cordlessly and features a replaceable battery pack.

Why this curing light stands out:

The PinkWave does a lot more than just bring a new curing technology to dentistry, although it’s new curing technology is certainly worth noting. Still, along with curing restorative materials, it also can be used for crack and caries detection with its built-in transilluminator. This allows the same instrument to be used for diagnosis and treatment.

Apex Dental Materials

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 [Dry Mouth Relief]


GUM Hydral

The GUM® Hydral Dry Mouth Relief line features an advanced OTC formulation that works like natural saliva. The line is formulated to provide a complete solution for all-day/all-night dry mouth relief, offering a range of convenient products providing deep moisturizing relief and comfort for up to four hours, including: GUM Hydral Oral rinse for all-day use and as part of a daily oral hygiene routine; GUM Hydral Oral Spray for on-the-go relief; GUM Hydral Oral Gel, ideal for night-time relief; and GUM Hydral Anti-Cavity toothpaste, with soothing natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Bisabolol, which is naturally present in Chamomile.

Sunstar Americas, Inc.
800-528-8537  |  gumbrand.com


Midwest Stylus Plus Mini

The Midwest® Stylus Plus Mini highspeed air handpiece features an improved grip and shorter head to allow deeper access without compromising performance and durability. The patented grip design with a mix of dimpled and flat areas helps with intuitive index positioning, and the modified grip design also provides clinicians with clear tactile feedback on hand orientation for a high degree of control. As part of the Midwest Stylus Plus family of handpieces, it integrates the exclusive Dynamic Speed Control technology. The smaller head increases visibility without impacting the cutting power, and it also features ceramic bearings, computer aided balancing, and tuned air flow.

Dentsply Sirona
844-848-0137  |  dentsplysirona.com

[Flowable Composite]


FIT SA self-adhesive flowable restorative with Bioactive Giomer Technology inside is formulated to simplify procedures as it eliminates the need for the technique sensitive bonding procedure. It is said to offer optimal strength and polishability, and the unique filler structure combines the light transmission and diffusion properties of enamel and dentin to blend well with the surrounding dentition. Features include ideal handling for precision placement; high bond strength for reliable adhesion; release and recharge of 6 beneficial ions (including fluoride); indicated for liner, small Class I (PRR), Class III and V; well-suited for all patients. Available in low flow and high flow viscosities.

Shofu Dental Corp.
800-827-4638  |  shofu.com

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Visalys CemCore

The Visalys CemCore system enables both adhesive cementation and core build-up to be achieved with just a few components. Active-Connect-Technology allows optimal mixing of the somewhat hydrophobic cementation composite, Visalys CemCore, with the hydrophilic Visalys® Tooth Primer, on the damp surface of the tooth. The composite achieves a high adhesive strength without swelling. Visalys CemCore is formulated to flow superbly into every clearance, and yet displays a high degree of stability. Release the pressure, and Visalys CemCore reverts to its firm consistency so excess material does not expand and is easy to remove after application.

Kettenbach Dental
877-KEBA-123  |  kettenbach.com

[Scheduling Solution]


ScheduleWidget allows new patients to schedule or request an appointment directly from the dental practice’s website. Described as a tool that can be very valuable to practices in multiple ways, set up and training are quick and simple. ScheduleWidget is more than just a scheduling tool; it has created a platform that allows any dental market partner-implant company, insurance, etc., who utilizes a “Find A Dentist” tool to allow new patients to schedule or request appointments with your office in just a couple of clicks. This will allow these companies to push patients to ScheduleWidget users.  Go to ScheduleWidget.com to sign up.

210-761-8117  |  schedulewidget.com

[Practice Management]


Designed with orthodontists and dentists in mind, TxConverter.com is a software program tool for converting exams into starts. Imagine being able to track your potential income the same way you track your receivables. Additionally, the platform’s active follow up system provides clinicians with the who, the why, and the when to follow up. Benefits include custom presentations that are interactive with patients and a platform that ensures conversions are properly tracked.

support@TxConverter.com  |  txconverter.com

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 [Temporary Cement]

Provicol QM

Provicol QM Plus features strong retention and secure adhesion to ensure that temporary restorations remain in place for as long as necessary. The non-eugenol temporary cement is formulated with calcium hydroxide and can reduce post-operative sensitivities while helping prevent caries with its antimicrobial properties. Its low film thickness increases ease-of-use and accuracy of fit when placing temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. Further enhancing speed and convenience, Provicol QM Plus is applied from an easy QuickMix syringe and excess material can simply be peeled off.

VOCO America, Inc.
888-658-2584  |  vocoamerica.com

[Orthodontic Bands]

NO TRIM Best Fit Bands

NO TRIM Best Fit bands will eliminate trimming of molar bands for partially erupted molars or those having shorter crown heights. The walls are convex with buccal indents designed for a much better fit. All bands are sand blasted inside for better retention. Orthodontic labs, orthodontists, and pedodontists have reported time savings and reduced patient discomfort, according to the company. Inventories are stocked and pre-welded for fast delivery.

Fairfield Orthodontics
203-610-8283  |  fairfieldorthodontics.com

[3D Printing Material]

KeySplint Soft

Keystone Industries has obtained 510(k) clearance from the FDA to sell its 3D printing nightguard and splint resin in the United States, joining Canada and the EU as territories where KeySplint Soft is available. Without being brittle, the 3D printing material is tough and durable, like a hard splint to withstand the forces of bruxism, yet flexible for patient comfort. Abrasion and fracture resistant, it is made in the U.S., has three years of guaranteed shelf life, and is described as a highly-efficient and profitable way to make splints and nightguards. There are two shades available–an esthetic clear version as well as an open-source version with a slight violet tint.

Keystone Industries
800-333-3131  |  keyprint.keystoneindustries.com

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[3D Print Resin]

VeriModel OS Grey

The popular VeriModel OS 3D print resin from Whip Mix is now available in grey. The methacrylate-based resin is designed for various dental applications such as full study models, models with removable dies, orthodontic, and study models. It was developed for dental models printed on most open-system DLP, LCD, and SLA printers with both 385 nm and 405 nm light sources. Like the other VeriModel colors, it is highly accurate, stable, provides high detail resolution, low shrinkage, and long-lasting toughness. Its popular grey color gives a visual contrast to waxes and features an easy-to-clean, smooth matte surface finish.

Whip Mix
800-626-5651  |  whipmix.com

[Matrix System]

Palodent 360

The Palodent 360 circumferential matrix system features an innovative design that means a twist of your fingers is all it takes to achieve tight contacts with anatomically natural contours without an awkward retainer or applicator. The integrated tightener/retainer allows matrix placement and retention without the need for bulky retainers or accessory placement and tightener instruments, allowing for efficiency (no set up required), ease of placement, better access, clear view of the operating field, and greater patient comfort. Designed to deliver better restorations, faster and easier than clinicians ever thought possible.

Dentsply Sirona
844-848-0137  |  dentsplysirona.com

[Procedure Cart]

Mobile Dental Assistant Cart

ASI’s Mobile Dental Assistant Cart is a high-quality modular procedure cart designed to complement your dental treatment equipment. Ample drawer space allows you to keep your procedure-specific supplies, auxiliary instruments, or anything else you may require close by without the expense of fixed cabinetry.

ASI Dental Specialties
844-880-3636  |  asidental.com

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