Solve my problem: Prevent bur breakage during procedures

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report July 2019, Volume 53, Issue 7

How the blended neck design of the NeoBurr 3302 increases its strength.

The problem: Carbide burs often break mid-procedure

Carbide burs experience strenuous forces, which make them prone to breakage. Broken burs can interrupt a dental procedure, and they also pose a patient risk if the broken piece is inhaled.

The solution: NeoBurr 3302 blended neck® carbide

  • The section of the bur between the cutting head and shank is blended, so there’s no reduction in neck width

  • This design, coupled with the removal of the weld joint, increases the strength of the bur

  • The innovative design is engineered to remove any weak points in the bur’s neck that might otherwise cause breakage

  • Microcopy Dental plans to release additional blended neck shapes as they’re designed and developed