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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report July 2019
Volume 53
Issue 7

In part I of our coverage of the 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Awards, dental professionals share stories of using these standout products in their practices.

At its best, technology makes tasks simpler to accomplish with improved accuracy and efficiency. It can change everything. And every year, the dental innovations that do this best are honored by the Cellerant Best of Class Technology Awards.

Created to shine a bright light on the breakthrough devices, materials, systems and services in the dental industry, the awards are chosen by a panel of expert clinicians. Now in their 11th year, the awards have earned a reputation for showcasing products that push the dental industry forward.

The 2019 class of Cellerant Award winners feature 25 products across a wide range of categories. Of the winning products, 11 are repeat award recipients, while the remaining 14 innovations are taking home the hardware for the first time.

These products include everything from cameras and curing lights to CAD/CAM solutions and imaging systems. Handpieces, restoratives, loupes and even IT infrastructure innovations got the selection committee’s attention, and each winning product offers something new to the dental practices ready to adopt them.

The companies behind the winning products include major dental brands and newly launched start-ups. Some winning products are established with multiyear track records, while others are just finishing beta testing. But, all the winning products have a way of standing out from the crowd.

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A hands-on experience with the winners will be available in the Digital Future of Dentistry Technology Expo during the 2019 ADA FDI World Dental Congress in San Francisco Sept. 5-7. Alongside the products, the Expo will offer free continuing education and lectures from the awards panel and other leading experts in technology integration and social media.

But, before that, this article, along with additional articles in future issues of Dental Products Report, will feature interviews with clinicians who put these award-winning technologies to work every day for their practices and patients. Read on to learn about these impressive, award-winning technologies.

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Accurately measuring and tracking occlusion

Dr. Emilio Carlos Zanatta
Private practice - São Paulo, Brazil

How did you first learn about OccluSense?

I was first introduced to OccluSense at the International Dental Show in 2017. After reviewing the prototype, I concluded the OccluSense would be greatly beneficial to me and my patients. It was very easy to learn and navigate the OccluSense app. This enabled me to quickly interpret the data collected as well as save and export it for future reference.

Describe how OccluSense fits into the way you practice?

A complete dental treatment requires step-by-step attention such as anamnesis, clinical examination and functional analysis of occlusion. Thus, at the first appointment, OccluSense considerably contributes to the evaluation in recording each of the steps of tooth contact of the mandibular position in centric and eccentric. OccluSense data provides clear and precise arguments to explain the functional analysis report of the occlusion, which I send to orthodontic specialists.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it’s like to use OccluSense?

OccluSense offers the possibility of a positive experience, as it combines the dentist’s knowledge regarding occlusion and a new technology for the benefit of the patient. By using the flexible OccluSense sensor, areas under pressure of occlusal contact in static and dynamic can be recorded. The professional analyzes the distribution, interprets the different positions of the mandible, and decides what to do for better preserving the form, function and esthetics of the teeth.

What impact has use of the technology made on your practice and your patients?

OccluSense is quick and easy to set up and easy to use in more than one examining room. When I’m talking about the diagnostic hypothesis at the end of the first appointment, the OccluSense data recordings are of great relevance and clarity, so there can be a better understanding of the necessity of the complete examination, either for orthodontic treatment or oral rehabilitation. Presenting the treatment plan to the patient includes a report (PDF) with pictures and a simulation.


Capable of recording 256 pressure levels, OccluSense is a handheld digital device designed to provide measurement and recording of masticatory forces. The pressure sensors are just 60 microns thick and flexible enough to record both static and dynamic occlusion, while its coating marks contacts on the patient’s teeth. Occlusion data is wirelessly sent to an app where it can be analyzed and tracked.

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Easy-to-use 3D imaging with benefits patients notice

Matthew Nichols, DDS
Matthew Nichols DDS Oral and Facial Surgery – Manchester, Tenn.

What made you decide to use the CS 9600 in your practice?

After evaluating the options for upgrading my current CBCT, it was clear to me the CS 9600 was the most technologically advanced system available. For me, it had great image quality and a vast selection of imaging sizes, and it was made to help my dental assistants’ jobs easier and to remove many of the frustrations they experienced with our previous CBCT.

Describe how the imaging capabilities of the CS 9600 fits into the way you practice?

The CS 9600 can do everything an OMFS would ever need. It’s the standard in my practice that all implant patients receive a pre-op CBCT to evaluate the site. With the CS 9600, I’ve also instituted a low-dose, post-op CBCT of the implant, which has been a huge asset in evaluating how I place my implants and validating guide accuracy. The metal artifact reduction (MAR) algorithm-CS MAR-has been a huge asset in evaluation of heavily restored patients and also in surgical guide fabrication. The panoramic radiographs from CS 9600 are the best I’ve ever seen. I also now obtain a CBCT on all impacted canine cases, and this allows me to locate them during surgery with minimal bone removal.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it’s like to use the CS 9600?

Using the CS 9600 is easy. The cameras used for patient alignment remove all doubt about obtaining the right scan in right location. The 1-sec scout films are an added benefit to confirm your alignment. The patients appreciate the comfort of the seat, and I feel this decreases the amount of movement from patients.

What impact has use of the technology made on your practice and your patients?

Because of the ease and certainty of patient alignment, I’ve found we now utilize the smaller fields of view much more often. Clearly, this is a benefit for the patient, as we’re able to decrease the amount of radiation they’re exposed to. Patients love being able to visualize what I’m trying to explain to them with the 3D reconstructions.

CS 9600

The CS 9600 cone beam computed tomography system is designed with the end user in mind. Intuitive features give the five-in-one system the capability to deliver exceptional image quality for precise diagnoses while maintaining ease of use and patient comfort. It’s engineered to combine 2D panoramic technology, CBCT imaging, 3D model/impression scanning and 3D facial scanning, along with optional cephalometric imaging.

Carestream Dental
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Making case documentation as simple as point and shoot

Dr. Chad Duplantis
Fossil Creek Dental Partners – Fort Worth, Texas

How did you first learn about the EyeSpecial C-III?

I had seen the various versions of this camera advertised in different journals for the past several years.

How long has your practice been using the camera?

We’ve been using the camera for almost six months now.

What convinced you to bring this technology to your practice and patients?

I was watching a friend lecture, and he was discussing the ease of use. I document most of my cases, and I wanted something that was easy to use. In the midst of a difficult case, I want the staff to be able to point and shoot with ease. This camera serves that purpose. It’s so easy to handle and so user friendly that it was a “must have” once we tried it.

Describe how the EyeSpecial C-III fits into the way you practice?

This camera allows me to practice dentistry with minimal interruption. I don’t have to worry about the complexity or weight as I do with many other DSLR cameras. I feel the number of photos I take has increased, which has, in turn, led to better patient education and case acceptance. It’s so easy to “grab the camera” and not a stressful event anymore.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it’s like to use the EyeSpecial C-III?

I would say that it’s incredibly user-friendly.

What has been the best part of using the EyeSpecial C-III in your practice?

I’ve used every single feature of the camera; however, both the lab and myself really like the shade isolation feature. It really helps the lab isolate and determine the value of the restoration and adjacent teeth. This has, in turn, led to better results in shade matching. In addition, the automatic mirror correction has helped me when reviewing the images and not having to flip them.

EyeSpecial C-III

Designed exclusively for dentistry, the EyeSpecial C-III captures 12 MP images with simple, one-touch operations. It’s lightweight and features a large LCD touchscreen for viewing images. It can be used with a wireless memory card to seamlessly send images from the camera to a tablet or operatory computer for simple and efficient treatment documentation and case presentation.

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Warming up to simplified composite placement

Michael A. Miyasaki, DDS
Miyasaki Dental – Sacramento, Calif.

How did you first learn about the Phasor Composite Warming System?

We’ve been warming our composites for years, and while walking the floor at a dental meeting about a year ago, I saw the Phasor prototype at the Vista booth. I was intrigued by the idea of having an infrared warming mechanism in the composite delivery gun itself, so the composite is ready to go in seconds and stays warm in the gun. And, yet, the composite is the only thing that gets warm. The ingenuity all made sense.

How long has your practice been using the device?

We’ve been using it for over six months now, and we really like it. The gun has held up well, and the only drawback is having to share it with the other clinicians in our practice. I think an improvement would be to have it holstered to me while it charges, so I wouldn’t have to share.

What made you decide to use it in your practice?

There’s research that shows warming composites results in  improvements in the composite’s physical properties, such as a higher conversion and depth of cure, but I really like the improved handling characteristics. As the high viscosity sculptable composite is warmed, it flows easier, reducing the possibility of voids. The result is better adaptation during placement, less microleakage, a reduction in possible sensitivity and an easier material to polish.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it’s like to use the Phasor system?

First, every dental clinician doing general dentistry I know uses composite daily, so we want to take steps that make it easier for us to succeed. Once you use warmed composite, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without warming.  If it’s a colleague who isn’t yet warming their composite, I tell them they’re going to love the smooth consistency of their favorite highly filled composite during placement with the Phasor. If it’s a colleague who’s used to using warmed composite, I tell them they’ll love the speed at which the Phasor can warm the compule, the ability to control the temperature with their fingertips, and that the composite doesn’t cool as they’re positioning the gun to place the composite and going through the layering process because it’s still in the warming gun.


The Phasor composite warming system uses near infrared technology to efficiently warm composites. In just a few seconds, it can heat a compule of highly filled composite to 150° F and maintain that temperature. Warmed composites offer lowered material viscosity for improved adaptation, reduced voids and microleakage, and improved depth of cure. It’s compatible with most composite compules.

Vista Dental Products
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A simplified, stable sectional matrix solution

Dr. James Braun
Dr. James Braun, DDS, MS – Saginaw, Mich.

How did you first learn about the Composi-Tight 3D Fusion System?

I’ve been a long-term user of Garrison products, ever since the company formed. Being that I also lecture, I was made aware early on its introduction.

How long has your practice been using this matrix system?

Well over two years. The product was launched May of 2017 and I was using it prior to that on a test basis to evaluate.

What made you decide to use it in your practice?

The 3D Fusion system offered some nice improvements over its predecessors. It’s a complete system as far as the components. It’s more compact and more stable once placed.

Describe how the matrix system fits the way you practice?

This is one kit, one system, where all parts fit and work together. We keep the kit all together and time and time again we get predictable and successful results.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it’s like to use this matrix system?

As far as achieving desirable clinical results, this is the system to bank on. Proper interproximal contact and contours are achieved without stress.

What impact has the use of the Composi-Tight 3D Fusion made on your practice and your patients?

Since the 3D Fusion works so extremely well, we don’t experience potentially negative issues that can take place, such as open contacts and excess flash.

What has been the best part of using the system in your practice?

Some of the shortcomings of other systems that create untoward problems and clinical frustration that don’t occur when the 3D Fusion system is properly utilized.

Are there any improvements you’d like to see in the next generation of the Composi-Tight 3D Fusion?

Can’t think of too many. The 3D Fusion is a compilation of years of improvements based on older systems Garrison developed. This system reflects that research and puts it all together.

Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™

Designed to provide an effective matrix solution for any Class II case, the Composi-Tight 3D Fusion sectional matrix system is a complete kit with everything needed to maintain tight contacts and anatomy contours. It allows for simplified techniques with rings designed for stacking, anti-ring slip extensions and other intuitive, innovative features designed for easy, effective use of the matrix system.

Garrison Dental Solutions
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An imaging application that goes way beyond expectations

Dr. Robert Brandes
Dr. Robert Brandes – Livermore, Calif.

How did you first learn about the SICAT Software Suite?

I learned about SICAT software when I was researching CBCT units for my practice.

How long has your practice been using this software?

I’ve been using the software for about eight years.

What made you decide to use it in your practice?

I was confident this technology would elevate my practice to the next level by providing better clinical outcomes for my patients. This has been especially true with increased diagnosis, better patient education, surgical guides for implantology, and airway/sleep screening and fabricating oral appliances. I wanted to make sure the workflow was easy and didn’t interfere with my practice style. Incorporating this technology was a quick and easy fit, often saving significant time with complete digital solutions for some surgical guides and oral sleep appliances. I wanted to make sure I’d get a good return on my investment. This was a consideration that evaporated the first month I started using the Suite in my office. I use the technology every day and can’t imagine practicing without it. I wanted to keep my practice current and provide improved patient experiences. This is the area that has been the most surprising to me. SICAT Suite has helped me provide excellent patient experiences. It has increased diagnosis and improved treatment presentation and case acceptance. This has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my practice.

Describe how SICAT software fits into the way you practice?

The SICAT software is the epicenter of my practice. My purchase was primarily motivated by increasing implant utilization in my practice, but my main use for the software is for diagnosis and patient education for all of my patients, not just implant patients.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it’s like to use this software platform?

I think it’s important to realize that there are several good CBCT scanners on the market, but the superior functionality of the SICAT software is critical to provide for the best patient experience with accurate clinical outcomes.

SICAT Software Suite

Featuring a range of modules designed to make 3D cone beam images easier to use for treatment planning and patient presentation, the SICAT Software Suite can be applied to implant cases, endodontics, sleep and airway analysis  and functional dentistry. Each module includes tools for enhanced treatment planning and case design while making the digital images accessible for patient presentations.

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One shade for any patient optimizes composite cases

Dr. Peter Auster
Cosmetic Dentistry Associates – Pomona, N.Y.

How did you first learn about OMNICHROMA?

Tammy Trueblood, the associate professional relations manager at Tokuyama Dental America, asked me if I wanted to try an interesting new dental product. I’ve always been impressed by their product line, so I was excited about the opportunity.

What made you decide to use it in your practice?

That’s an easy question to answer. OMNICHROMA won me over the first time I tried it. I enjoyed using it on a typodont, but it works far better in the mouth. It has a similar ease of use and excellent handling as Tokuyama Dental’s Estelite Omega and Estelite Sigma Quick. The “paradigm shifter” is its amazing ability to match the shade of virtually every tooth it restores.

Describe how OMNICHROMA fits into the way you practice?

It has rapidly become my go-to composite at the office for Class Vs, Class Is, Class IIs, Class IIIs and many Class IV restorations.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it’s like to use OMNICHROMA?

I answer this question virtually every day. I tell them the material is simply amazing and you have to see and try it to believe it. For most practices, there’s no need now to stock 25 to 30 shades of composite when one single shade can match tooth structure better than most of those shades.

What impact has it made on your practice and your patients?

I tell every patient about it before I use it, so I can show their own befores and afters. They’re always amazed that the tooth looks so much better. Many ask where the material starts and ends because the tooth-restoration margin is invisible. My long-term staff members were skeptical. Now, they’re all believers.

What has been the best part of using OMNICHROMA?

It’s exciting to use a product that’s truly groundbreaking. It makes choosing a material so much easier because the shade selection step is eliminated with OMNICHROMA. The material even lightens along with tooth structure during whitening procedures! Surprisingly, for such a revolutionary product, Tokuyama Dental America hasn’t put a premium price on a clearly premium item.


OMNICHROMA is said to be the first universal composite that matches every patient’s tooth shade, from A1 to D4, with a single shade of composite. Its innovative technology uses structural color with 260 nm spherical fillers the precise shape and size necessary to generate red-to-yellow structural color as ambient light passes through the composite. The red-to-yellow color combines with the reflected color of the patient’s surrounding dentition.

Tokuyama Dental America
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Digital marketing for dentists without the hassle

Dr. Brandon Cooley
Cooley Smiles – Bellevue, Kenmore, Everett, Wash.

How long has your practice been using WEO Media’s services?

I believe it has been over eight years.

What made you decide to use it in your practice?

In the past, we were frustrated with the long contracts, not owning our websites, and the limited communication, updates and transparency of what was happening on the back end. We were looking for a company that had more flexible terms for us, and they fit the bill.

Describe how WEO Media’s services fit into the way you practice?

It’s comforting knowing we’re month to month, even though it has been almost a decade. We don’t like long contracts. I also like their monthly reports on what’s happening behind the scenes, work that’s going on to improve our websites. It also educates us on rankings and what’s working for us. In our office, we like to have options and educate ourselves on all aspects of what we’re doing, and they’re able to provide this.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it’s like to work with WEO Media?

I would say it’s a very open communication relationship that has the feel of a small company.

What impact has use of WEO Media solutions made on your practice and your patients?

Well, I think it’s been cost effective and allows us to add and remove things that are applicable to what we’re trying to achieve. We’re able to change what we’re doing month to month and not locked into some plan of the year. We don’t do it much, but it’s nice to have the option. I also think their PPC fees are about the best you can find and that’s also important to us. The results have been very successful.

What has been the best part of using their service in your practice?

Flexibility and communication has been great for us. However,  I’d have to say one of the benefits we appreciate the most is the big boost in new patients we’ve received using the chat and other services they provide to help generate new clients to our office. The ROI on this has been outstanding.

WEO Media

With a full suite of digital marketing solutions for dental practices, WEO Media can be a flexible partner to help generate new patients. Services include custom responsive websites, SEO, PPC, social media management, online reputation management, custom video production, 24/7 live chat, marketing planning and more.

WEO Media
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Smart technology to instill confidence with every cure

Dr. Douglas L. Lambert, DDS, FACD, FASD, FASDA, FICD, ABAD
Cosmetic, Family & Sports Dentistry – Edina, Minn.

How did you first learn about the checkUP system?

My first introduction to the checkUP concept was through a dental materials manufacturer rep in my area who came to my office in 2017 with the checkMARC system. He evaluated several of our LED curing lights and the composites we use most frequently for our patients. I was completely enthralled with the useful data we obtained with the testing.

Describe how checkUP fits into the way you practice?

I feel there’s an “underappreciated importance” of the role LED curing lights play in successful patient outcomes. Improper or insufficient light curing of our posterior composites can lead to a host of negative consequences, including lower bond strengths, additional water sorption, poor physical properties, microleakage, sensitivity and recurrent decay, just to name a few. There are many things we can do to help ensure a quality cure, such as proper placement of the light and disinfecting and cleaning of the light guide or tip.  However, use of the checkUP testing system gives us quantifiable data to augment our composite protocol.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it is like to use the checkUP system?

First off, I would tell them it’s a “no brainer.” The app is easy to install in the device of your choice. The checkUP testing process is very easy to implement and use, and the knowledge gained is eye-opening. Adding additional lights or new composites to your personal database is a snap. It’s a real “game changer” for dentistry!

What impact has the use of the curing light testing system made on your practice and your patients?

That’s easy, and I can sum it up in one word: confidence. Confidence to know that in our office, with our curing lights and the composite resins we use on a daily basis, we can depend on a depth of cure that’s predictable, repeatable and reliable. There’s a lot of comfort in having this information at our fingertips. The entire concept is so well thought out. It’s a simple, streamlined process that yields practice enhancing information to improve your composite technique and patient results.


A system for ensuring the proper operation of dental curing lights, checkUP combines a highly accurate light meter with an app that combines practice light data with a database of curing lights and curable dental materials to provide specific curing time suggestions for a practice’s curing lights and materials of choice. The system is designed to improve efficiency and reduce errors from improper curing of dental materials.

BlueLight Analytics
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A turnkey solution to add sleep services to any dental practice

Dr. Geoffrey Skinner
Hillsboro Dental Excellence – Portland, Ore.

How did you first learn about SleepArchiTx’s Turnkey Sleep Solution?

I met the SleepArchiTx team at the American Academy of Clear Aligners Key Opinion Leader meeting a couple years ago.

What made you decide to use it in your practice?

After learning how drastically untreated sleep apnea affects the overall systemic health of people and how prevalent it is, I felt it was my duty to help protect my patients and the people I care about. Once you see how strongly untreated sleep apnea is correlated to a significantly higher risk of heart attack, stroke, depression, anxiety, myofacial pain, diabetes, sexual dysfunction and all-cause mortality, there’s no going back or looking away.

Describe how the Turnkey Sleep Solution fits into the way you practice?

SleepArchiTx allows my team and I to focus on what we do best, which is treating patients. After working with them, we don’t have to worry about chasing down insurance companies or integrating medical billing into our office by ourselves.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it’s like to use this solution from SleepArchiTx?

They know what they’re doing and they offer the ability to bill medically once the obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis has been made. They make it easy to get the patient tested at home and treated at your practice.

What impact has this made on your practice and your patients?

The lives of many of my patients have been transformed because of combination sleep therapy. Not only do they get a beautiful new smile and the confidence that goes with it, but they also have more energy and many lose weight due to the hormonal changes that occur once the sleep apnea is treated.

What has been the best part of using this system in your practice?

The fact that my collections are now handled competently by a firm that I don’t have to manage.


Designed to be a turnkey solution to help dental practices provide sleep medicine services to patients, this solution includes training and education on sleep medicine, diagnostics and treatments, diagnostic support, sleep appliance design and fabrication, medical billing assistance and individualized support. The system is designed to get any practice up to speed with sleep medicine.

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