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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report July 2019
Volume 53
Issue 7

Rounding up the top practice management software available for dental offices.

Running a successful dental practice presents new challenges on a daily basis. In today’s digital world, practice management software (PMS) has become essential to successfully manage and grow your practice. Accessing this tool will streamline your processes, making your practice more efficient, saving you both time and money.

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If you don’t know what’s out there, or what would best fit your specific needs, we  have assembled the latest in software trends that will help you deliver quality care and stay compliant with all the regulatory requirements associated with healthcare information. No matter what size your practice is, if you’re just starting up, or looking to upgrade, there is something for you.

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Ace Dental

  • Has been creating PMS for more than 26 years, offering both local server and cloud-based database; reportedly the only software using a hybrid cloud

  • Provides all the protection of an encrypted cloud database with faster running software because the program is installed on a local computer

  • Said to be the only software that offers E-recalls on autopilot, alerting patients with emails and text messages and allowing them the ease and convenience of scheduling appointments online

Ace Dental
888-667-4272  |  ace-dental.com

Adstra Clinical

  • Available on-premise or cloud-based, provides quick access to the entire patient record. With more than 100 possible combinations for viewing information, offers extreme flexibility to access relevant details

  • A color-coded dashboard is featured, displaying appointments and messaging for easy viewing

  • Alerts, clinical notes, prescriptions, exams, digital images and more can be viewed on one screen

800-450-0220  |  adstra.com


CS Cloud

  • Offers hosted versions of all its on-premise software. Switching to the cloud, users are always on the latest versions of their preferred software; updates are managed and automatically installed

  • Data is backed up every four hours and a Tier 4 data center ensures those files are secure

  • Cloud users enjoy the benefit of 24/7, 365 days a year monitoring and a dedicated cloud support team

Carestream Dental
800-944-6365  |  carestreamdental.com


  • Software that provides charting, scheduling, billing, patient communication, practice analytics and much more

  • Designed to reduce training time, improve staff efficiency, and help your practice adhere to all necessary standards, certifications and guidelines

  • Able to customize to fit your needs, there’s no worry about switching between programs or who to call for support. Ensuring compliance, ClearDent is an ISO-certified program

866-253-2748  |  cleardent.com


Curve Hero

  • Founded in 2005, Curve Dental reportedly delivers the first cloud-based, enterprise-level PMS platform for dentistry and continues to drive innovation

  • More than 23,000 dental professionals are said to benefit from this platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and deep dental expertise

  • Reported to have a singular focus on delivering exceptional worry-free PMS and 5-star customer support

Curve Dental
888-910-4376  |  curvedental.com

Dental Care Links

  • Online platform designed to make it easy for dental professionals to manage the patient referral process- automatically, in the cloud

  • Streamlines the communication necessary to send and receive patient referrals by creating a shared patient chart and chat log that updates in real time

  • The system is said to be 100 percent secure, HIPAA compliant and requires no special equipment

Dental Care Links
508-473-4999  |  DentalCareLinks.com



  • Said to be intuitive and flexible while also mirroring a practice’s workflow from registering the patient to financials

  • Includes easy-to-use but comprehensive features such as e-RX, electronic patient registration and live patient insurance updates, to name a few

  • No worries about upgrades or servers. Data is said to be secure and always up to date. A dedicated in-house support team with dental professionals at the helm is also offered

800-704-8494  |  dentimax.com

Dentrix G7

  • Featuring Smart Image, your clinical and financial processes can now connect, providing one efficient workflow

  • When you acquire diagnostic images, Smart Image automatically associates them with the correct CDT codes for accurate billing and displays them in the patient chart, saving you both time and money

  • The patient’s 2D and 3D images can now also be accessed without leaving Dentrix

Henry Schein, Inc.
800-336-8749  |  dentrix.com/smartimage


MacPractice DDS Gen 11

  • A multi-specialty, all-in-one practice management, imaging and charting software for dentists who use Apple products. Built-in encryption avoids PC ransomware and malware that can infect Windows

  • New and updated services including Jive phone service, Text2Pay, Rx Discount Coupon and TSYS-powered credit card payment processing

  • Integral insurance features empowered by Change Healthcare clearinghouse for eclaims

MacPractice DDS
402-420-2430  |  macpractice.com/dds


  • Since 1980, it has been providing PMS solutions, and from the beginning of 2018, has been offering its software with data conversion at no cost

  • Maxident provides many options such as integrated phone systems, an HR management module, integrated point-of-sale, recall and reminder system with emails and SMS, branded patient portals, branded patient mobile apps (both iOS and Android), and digital X-ray and digital charting

800-663-7199  |  maxidentsoftware.com


Open Dental

  • Highly customizable, it’s well suited for both the single practice and large DSOs

  • Allows users to maintain full control of their data, while third-party software interoperability adds more functionality to an extensive feature set

  • Rapid software release cycles give customers timely access to new features with an easy-to-use interface for both providers and office staff

  • Said to have exceptional customer support, a free test conversion and demonstrations

Open Dental
503-363-5432  |  opendental.com

Patient Prism®

  • A call tracking and coaching program that analyzes every new patient phone call, identifies those who end the call without booking and provides rapid training to win them back-all within one hour

  • It leverages artificial intelligence, call coaches and quick training videos to provide fast, actionable insights designed to generate immediate results

  • Provides detailed information to optimize marketing, operations, staff behavior and the patient experience

Patient Prism
800-381-3638  |  patientprism.com


Eaglesoft 21

  • Streamline efficiency and simplify daily processes with the full backing of Patterson’s service and support

  • From patient scheduling and insurance claim tracking to paperless charting and digital image manipulation, Eaglesoft’s intuitive and user-friendly software is the solution for the entire practice

  • Latest updates include end-of-period processing, silent install and updates and simple safety data sheet management

Patterson Dental
800-294-8504  |  pattersondental.com/eaglesoft


  • Said to be the only proven software built from the ground up for multi-location groups in the cloud. Provides the tools needed to standardize, centralize and grow

  • Reported to help a variety of dental organizations from multi-location groups to mobile clinics

  • Providers and patients can move easily between locations, while management can pull comprehensive reports for the whole enterprise

Planet DDS
800-861-5098  |  planetdds.com



  • Suzy Systems, Inc., a privately owned company, has been providing PMS since 1977

  • This current version is said to provide advanced technology through an intuitive and user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality for paperless practice management

  • Its features are highly customizable and can be seamlessly integrated with all leading digital imaging systems

Suzy Systems, Inc.
800-345-5782  |  suzydental.com


  • This patient-centered software includes, but isn’t limited to, practice management, patient communication and billing. tab32 connects actions to analytics through business intelligence reporting

  • It provides a cloud-based solution for mobile, independent practices and DSOs, eliminating IT costs

  • Highly customizable and scalable for an enterprise using secured Type II SCO2, NIST 80053 and HIPAA-compliant Google infrastructure

855-698-2232  |  tab32.com


Weave Patient Communication Software

  • Provides instant access to what needs to be done for each patient the moment they call, facilitating more productive interactions

  • Improves scheduling, customer inquiries and responses, team workflow and revenue generation

  • Online reputation is improved when Weave asks patients to post a review about their experience via text

888-579-5668  |  getweave.com


  • Takes advantage of the latest in software development and design tools to provide you with an intuitive, robust, easy-to-use dental program

  • Committed to continual development of electronic health records and features realistic tooth charts, restorative and periodontal exams and progress notes

  • XLDent is suitable for any dental specialty, is multi-location capable and has cloud-based options

800-328-2925  |  xldent.com

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