Solve my problem: Making accurate file measurement simple

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report July 2019, Volume 53, Issue 7

How the Dr’s Finder NEO apex locator packs the latest in measurement technology into the smallest device in dentistry.

The problem: Accurate intracanal measurement can be inconvenient or uncomfortable

Apex locators are a standard part of most endodontic procedures, and when used properly, they help prevent perforations. But, setting up an apex locator can mean a tangle of cords, wearing a heavy device, or finding a comfortable place to set up the apex locator to keep it in range of the patient.

The solution: Dr’s Finder NEO

  • The size of a smartwatch and weighing approximately 24 grams, it can be clipped to the included finger ruler, a stand, a clinician’s sleeve or cuff, or the patient’s bib

  • Using 3-band multi-frequency technology, it provides repeatable, best-of-class accuracy tested to be 97.5 percent accurate

  • A plug-in calibration jig ensures the NEO stays accurate

  • Rechargeable via USB, the 3.7 V lithium-polymer battery provides hours of working time per charge

  • Three measurement display styles can be switched easily via the LCD touchscreen that works even with gloved fingers

  • The Working Length Select function makes it simple to set the working length for the procedure being performed