Solve My Problem: Great esthetics and enhanced performance

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report August 2020, Volume 54, Issue 8

VOCO’s Grandio blocs are nano-ceramic hybrid CAD/CAM blocks that save time and deliver long-term strength.

The Problem

Using lithium disilicate blocks can be a time-consuming process

Finding CAD/CAM restorative blocks that deliver tooth-like physical properties and maximum long-term strength can be a challenge.

The Solution

Grandio® blocs

  • This nano-ceramic hybrid CAD/CAM block combines optimal tooth-like physical properties, leading compressive strength and natural esthetics with enhanced color stability
  • Grandio blocs provide a new solution for practitioners and labs looking to streamline CAD/CAM processes and deliver high-quality restorations 
  • Based on nano-ceramic composite hybrid technology, the blocks possess physical properties that closely mimic human dentition, such as modulus of elasticity and thermo-cycling, which allow them to behave like natural tooth structure, enhancing marginal integrity and overall longevity. With an 86% nano-ceramic fill rate, Grandio blocs deliver low shrinkage and shrinkage stress
  • This unique nano-ceramic composite hybrid material can be milled finely without chipping or breakage to achieve even greater accuracy of fit. With optimal polishability and characterization using standard composites, end-result esthetics mirror that of pure ceramic blocks
  • Additional benefits are the elimination of the firing process, which saves time, making for a true one-appointment restoration and headache-free intraoral repairs

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