REVIEW: 3M ESPE's new Imprint 4 VPS impression material cuts minutes from impression taking [VIDEO]

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-10-01
Issue 10

How new Imprint 4 VPS impression material from 3M ESPE can help you create accurate impressions in less time. 

How new Imprint 4 VPS impression material from 3M ESPE can help you create accurate impressions in less time. 

Impression taking is one daily procedure that has the potential to throw a wrench in office efficiency. Between the minutes spent waiting for material to set and the possibility of discovering (after removing an impression) that there are voids or bubbles, there are many opportunities for wasted minutes.

For the patient, the time spent waiting for the material to set can feel uncomfortably long.

Setting in 75 seconds

Fortunately, new 3M™ ESPE™ Imprint™ 4 VPS Impression Material can cut minutes from the impression taking procedure and help ensure accuracy, increasing the odds of success in one quick take.

The Super Quick version of this material has a set time of just 75 seconds, the shortest intraoral setting time of any precision impression material.

This incredibly fast setting time can help minimize patient discomfort during the impression procedure and also keep appointments flowing efficiently.

While the Super Quick variety - with a 75-second working time and 75-second setting time - is ideal for 1- or 2-unit impressions, regular-setting versions are also available with longer working times, making them a great choice for large unit cases.

Fig. 1 Imprint 4 Penta™  Heavy body tray material and Imprint 4 Light wash material.

Normal working time for reduced stress

The material’s fast setting time is made possible by a proprietary active self-warming technology, a new feature that is only found in Imprint 4 impression material.

After the material’s working time has passed, a chemical reaction causes the material to quickly warm up to body temperature, which accelerates its setting in the mouth.

However, the material’s working time is not impacted, so the dental team still has adequate time to prepare for the impression and follow proper technique.

Fig. 2 The color combinations of the material make it easy to read margins.

Hydrophilicityfor excellent detail capture

Whether dentists use the Super Quick or Regular setting version of Imprint 4 impression material, its chemistry helps it perform to high standards. The material’s super hydrophilicity, which is better than any other VPS material in its unset state, helps it flow into moist areas and capture very precise details.

This falls in line with the strong record of hydrophilicity for Imprint materials, which many dentists are already familiar with after using Imprint 3 or Imprint 2.

I have also found that it has an ideal density. When I remove impressions from the mouth, there are no air bubbles.

Fig. 3 Imprint 4 Penta Super Quick Heavy body tray material and Imprint 4 Super Quick Light wash material.

Optimized colors for great readability

An additional feature of the material that I find helpful is the variety of colors. The contrasting colors of the tray and wash materials are excellent for showing details at the margins, and the colors are pleasing on the eye.

The color options in some other materials can sometimes make it difficult to read margins, but Imprint 4 impression material has refreshed its colors for enhanced readability.

Fig. 4 This excellent detail is captured after a setting time of just 75 seconds.

Patient-pleasing, time-saving

Beyond making the process more comfortable for patients with a shorter setting time, Imprint 4 also has a pleasant mint taste.

These patient- and user-friendly features, combined with superior accuracy, make Imprint 4 impression material a great tool for improving impression taking efficiency. This gives dentists a new, faster way to capture precise details and ensure great fitting restorations.

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