Product Review: The benefits of Safe-Vac’s non-latex single disposable HVE suction tip [VIDEO]

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-10-01, Issue 10

Contemporary Product Solutions presents its review on Safe-Vac’s non-latex single disposable HVE suction tip.

Contemporary Product Solutions presents its review on Safe-Vac’s non-latex single disposable HVE suction tip.

The CPS Evaluation Team combined product reviews for the entire team consisting of dentists, assistants, hygienists, patient coordinators and the dental laboratory to review this product. CPS produced the following comments and reviews following its evaluation of  Safe-Vac’s non-latex single disposable HVE suction tip:

Dentist comments

“Safe-Vac has really cut down on maintenance issues with our traps and hoses getting clogged.” “Finally a truly helpful improvement to something we so often take for granted.”

“A very nice product which prevents clogging of the chair’s inline suction. Very comfortable tip preventing tissue damage during use.” “This is a great product especially for children/pedodontic cases.”

"The blue-built-in internal screen is fantastic when you are sectioning off a crown, delivering a crown.  The green-standard is softer, more comfortable, and less invasive to a patient’s cheek tissue and buccal mucosa."

- Dr. Arthur Kwan and Sally Hsu

Assistant comments
“We were placing cotton gauze on the patients’ tongue and cheek in the aid to help catch any parts of our implants. Now all we need is the Safe-Vac to catch any of those pieces we were scared of losing.”

“The Safe Vac HVS is a great suction. The comfort of knowing I will not bring any discomfort to the patient is great. However the vent could be eliminated.”
“We were removing a full upper round house with PFMS. It was so great to have this product. I am switching!”

By using the Safe-Vac suction tip, there is no risk of damaging the tissue.Description

Safe-Vac® is a non-latex single disposable HVE suction tip that incorporates an internal screen to prevent time consuming blockages and loss of certain dental restorative components and aides in many dental procedures.

It features a soft tip that prevents tissue trauma while maintaining the traditional HVE style. Suctions come in two styles-Screened Blue tip and Standard Green Tip.


Each case contains 10 bags of 50 parts each, for a total of 500 HVE parts per case.

After rinsing the acid etch from the tooth, it allows you to catch the water and etch securely and safely.


Evaluation team feedback

The CPS evaluation team consisted of 20 offices and 600 suctions performed. The Safe-Vac received a 4-diamond score from the CPS Team of Evaluators.

When asked to rate Safe-Vac’s performance against other HVE tips, almost all said it was equally good and much softer on tissue.

When asked about the noise, almost all felt the suction with the vent was a little bit louder, but felt it was worth the noise to capture parts and pieces of amalgam and old crowns. When asked what they were using now, almost all said Patterson or Schein brands.

When asked what they liked best about the suctions, the responses were almost all the same. Each evaluator liked the softness of the tip on both and the internal screen allowed removal of larger items without clogging the trap.

The standard green suction tip with the softer end was great for patient comfort during use. One clinician commented, “The blue screened suction tip was great for rinsing restorations prior to cementation, while holding the restoration in my hand.”

When asked what they liked least about the Safe-Vac all said they would like a non-vented version that would cut down on some of the noise. When asked if patients said anything about the suctions, it was noted that three patients did notice the difference and said it was so much better than other suctions used before. 

"We loved the soft safe tips on both the green and blue HVE tips for patient comfort. We also like the blue ones for removing amalgam to catch the large pieces without clogging the tubing and main traps."- East Berlin Smiles

About Safe-Vac

Safe-Vac® is almost identical in its dimensional specifications as the current standard HVE units in the market, but incorporates many beneficial features. These features enhance the functionality and safety of HVE. Safe-Vac is precision engineered, quality driven, made from FDA approved (non-latex) materials, and is manufactured in the U.S. The single disposable unit has a soft, yet rigid cushioned tip designed to prevent tissue trauma. Safe-Vac also incorporates an internal screen to prevent time consuming blockages and loss of certain dental restorative components. •