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Products from Kerr Corp. empower lab techs to create lifelike prosthetics

Digital EstheticsDental Lab Products-2012-08-01
Issue 8

A Q&A with Greg Rome, Director of Sales and Marketing for Kerr Dental Laboratory Products.

A Q&A with Greg Rome, Director of Sales and Marketing for Kerr Dental Laboratory Products.

Q: How has Kerr stayed ahead of the changes constantly sweeping through the dental lab industry?
GR: Kerr’s very first product was a porcelain furnace, supporting traditional laboratory production. 121 years later, lost wax casting is still used for the majority of production in today’s labs despite the growth of CAD/CAM technology. Kerr has continued to innovate their products to offer the most up to date technology for the lost wax casting process and will continue to do so as the two parallel technologies continue.

Q: What led Kerr to redesign its website and what new features should customers look to find there?
GR: When it came time for an update on the Kerr Dental Laboratory Products website, we decided to go for a complete makeover. Our goal was simplicity and a very clean look. The new website features comprehensive product information, the ability to place orders and choose your authorized Kerr dealer for processing, educational videos, and product promotions.

Q: Your slogan “Lab for Life” is prominent on the new website. What does this mean to Kerr and how does it impact the products you offer?
GR: Lab for Life is Kerr’s Dental Laboratory mantra-representing and celebrating the art and science of replicating nature. Kerr thrives to continue to provide products empowering the dental technician to get as close to mother nature as possible in the production of lifelike prosthetics.

Q: The new website is designed around a visual interface. What are the advantages of this?
GR: The new website was designed to be very visual, for a very intuitive navigation process. The goal was less copy, and fewer redundancies to choose a category or page. The front page features a working lab bench, with each image representing a product category for easy navigation.

Q:  What else can Kerr customers find and do while visiting the website?
GR: Coming soon, will be Web only promotions that will be updated on a regular basis, offering exclusive deals only available through orders placed online. Kerr also plans to continue to add to its educational video library, covering everyday basics every lab tech needs for their knowledge base.

Q: What one product or category do you think Kerr is best known for, and why does the company stand out in this category?
GR: Kerr Dental Laboratory Products is probably best known, and respected for, its innovation in electronic waxing. The Ultra-Waxer 2 has bested the original Ultra-Waxer, and we continue to have record sales due to the features, ease of use, and comfortably of the tips and handle.

Q: Is there a category or product from Kerr that you feel deserves a higher profile in the industry?
GR: Premise Indirect, Kerr’s indirect composite line, …the next generation of belleGlass continues to be a strong brand globally, and to date has tens of thousands of restorations placed since 1996. Ceramic hybrid materials such as Premise Indirect continue to be recognized as the ideal material by not just thought leaders, but many everyday labs and dentists. As manufacturers continue to provide this material in CAD/CAM form, the demand will increase over the next few years.

Kerr has been manufacturing and supplying quality products to the dental laboratory since the beginning. In 1891 Kerr’s very first product was a porcelain furnace that reduced firing time for crowns and inlays from a half hour to mere minutes. Kerr’s line of laboratory products has grown to include a vast array of restorative materials, waxes, stones, equipment, solutions and accessory products. As the art and science of the dental laboratory continues to advance, Kerr will continue to respond to your ever-changing needs. It has been our policy for more than 100 years.

Kerr has just launched its newly redesigned website for its Dental Laboratory Products. The new site features all new 3D renderings of its products that makes searching for products and product categories very intuitive. The idea of the site was to be very visual, and have the front page represent a working lab bench. The user could easily identify and select a product category on the bench to get to the product he is looking for.

The site also features detailed product information, product promotions, instruction manuals, and step by step educational videos on indirect restoratives, as well as electronic waxing and spruing applications.

Visit Kerrlab.com today to learn more about Kerr Dental Laboratory Products, and to take advantage of exclusive “web only” promotions.

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