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Tom Zaleske on Dental Creations' Wonderfill, other lab products

Digital EstheticsDental Lab Products-2012-08-01
Issue 8

Tom Zaleske, owner of Matrix Dental Laboratory, discusses his experience with Dental Creations' lab products.

Tom Zaleske, owner of Matrix Dental Laboratory, discusses his experience with Dental Creations' lab products.

Q: Tell us a little about your lab and the work you do.
TZ: 26 years in business. Home based, one technician lab specializing in conventional, partial and implant supported or retained removable prosthetics. I started honing online marketing and went totally mail order about 13 years ago.

Q: How did you first hear about Dental Creations and the company’s products?
TZ: From magazine ad placements initially, and then I approached a vendor booth and inquired about their products at a dental laboratory show.

Q: How long have you used their products in your lab and what convinced you to give them a try?
TZ: Three years ago I tried the Wonderfill product after receiving a sample. I liked the product, but felt it was a little one dimensional. I had a chance encounter with Dental Creations at a show last year and was asked if I had ever used their products. I mentioned I had used the Wonderfill product, liked it, but thought it was rather limited. The company then introduced me to a secondary product made specifically for use with Wonderfill, the Wonderformer, and I immediately recognized the benefit.

Q: Which products do you currently work with and why do you choose to employ them in your lab?
TZ: Wonderfill, Wonderformer, Wondergloss, Wonderadmix. The time savings and accuracy of using Wonderfill and the Wonderformer allowed me to box impressions in a fraction of the time I had been spending to do it with wax. I ordered the Wondergloss because I wanted to gloss-up dentate models I was working with. I realized that it also could be used as a waterproof way to seal names on models, and make partial denture models more chip resistant.

Q: Do you feel other labs can similarly benefit from the company’s products?

TZ: Because small labs cannot compete in quantity of work they produce they must find ways to maximize their labor time and still produce quality end products. Several of their products aid in accomplishing those goals.

Q: What has been your experience in dealing with Dental Creations when you’ve had questions about the products?
TZ: I found them to be very eager to assist. Technical support is readily available. They also have a liberal sampling policy on several of their products, which makes giving them a try a no-brainer. 


Used on its own as an easy in, easy out  tongue and void filler for models, Wonderfill can be used with the Wonderformers or the Orthoformers for boxing and pouring models. This technique can save as much as 20 minutes per model, as documented in this article that includes a video demonstration: http://bit.ly/KID9ko.


Previously known as Wonderform Casting Rings, Wonderformer is used for boxing and pouring models. It can be combined with Wonderfill for a model technique that can save as much as 20 minutes per model.


Wonderpeg is used to hold the crown on the firing peg and offers instant firing support with no drying time necessary. It offers zero firing distortion for temperatures from 400°C to 1,300°C and removes easily and cleanly with a twist.


A cooling spray that has many applications beyond just cooling wire, Wonderfreeze also can be used to save time by quickly cooling the wax that holds the denture teeth in place.


Wondergloss changes the way models are glossed. No more messy dipping or using soap; instead just brush on a thin coat of Wondergloss for a high gloss finish in just minutes.








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