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Lab tech Chuck Tagliarino shares the advantages of using products from Sun Dental Labs

Digital EstheticsDental Lab Products-2012-08-01
Issue 8

A Q&A with CDT Chuck Tagliarino on Sun Dental Labs.

A Q&A with CDT Chuck Tagliarino on Sun Dental Labs.

Q: What are the benefits of using your Sunflex as opposed to other flexible partials?
CT: The Sunflex partial is made from a nylon based thermoplastic injection resin. This formulation gives the partial its authentic feel and flexibility. Teeth can be added later on as well without having to replace the entire partial. Also one of the best things is that the Sunflex is stain resistant and also odor resistant.  What happens with other partials is that over time they discolor in the mouth and start to produce an odor. This does not occur with the Sunflex partial. Another big plus, in terms of what we hear back from our customers, is the ability of the Sunfelx to be repaired and relined in-house without patients having to purchase another partial.

Q: What separates SDL from other labs?
CT: I think the biggest thing is our knowledge and our expertise. Our dental techs each have more than 20 years of experience in the dental industry, with each technician at Sun Dental Labs working in their niche field. This helps us make our doctors happy by making sure the patient’s prosthesis is absolutely perfect.

Q: Why the investment in CAD/CAM technology?
CT: We have invested heavily in the past few years in CAD/CAM equipment and also in getting some of the top 3D personnel the industry has to offer. At Sun Dental Labs we forecasted a shift away from the traditional model to the growing digital arena years ago. Because  of this forward planning we now are perfectly positioned to accommodate the market.

We have invested in the best digital equipment that will speed up turnaround times and increase the accuracy of the milled or printed product. Our CAD/CAM department will increase productivity while decreasing the amount of techs needed to produce a product.

Q: What are some of the products that can be produced using CAD/CAM technology?
CT: As of now we are accepting STL files and when you send us a file we send back the product on a printed model. We are one of the few labs with that capability, which saves on shipping costs  and turnaround time. We can produce crowns, zirconia copings, full contour and layered zirconia.

Additionally, by the end of the year we should be able to produce all of our products from a digital file.

Q: So as summer comes to a close what is SDL looking forward to in the Fall?
CT: Sun Dental Labs will be attending the ADA Annual Session in San Francisco so make sure to stop by the booth, say hello and meet some of our wonderful staff, and also see our products in person. Also on Oct. 3, 2012, we are partnering with 3Shape and CadBlu and having a lab open house where local dentists can come by and see some of the CAD/CAM possibilities in person. So if you are in the Tampa Bay, Fla., area please come by and see the future of the dental industry.


Sunflex Partial Dentures
Patients with metal clasp partial dentures often say they feel self-conscious about smiling, conversing and even enjoying a meal. Not anymore! Sunflex Partial dentures are lightweight, practically invisible, and incredibly comfortable.

Suntech Zirconia
Metal-free, Suntech Zirconia relieves dark margins around the gingival line and eliminate the possibility of exposed metal margins when the gum begins to recede. Highly translucent, they allow light to refract through, and can be fabricated to match the shade of the ideal tooth core.

SunSparkle Powder
SunSparkle professional strength denture cleaning powder is designed to clean dentures, partial plates, mouth guards, retainers and other orthodontic appliances in just 15 minutes. Reasonably priced and extremely effective SunSparkle is the cleaning solution for all your removable needs.

Suntech Abutments
Offering titanium, zirconia, and hybrid our custom Suntech abutments are highly adaptable to lobular or angular height with the width of the abutment also being adjustable to fit your particular case needs.  A winner of Dentistry Today’s top 25 products 3 years in a row.

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