One lab technician's take on IBEX Dental Technologies' Summit press

Digital Esthetics, Dental Lab Products-2012-08-01, Issue 8

A Q&A with CDT Steve Edmonds on the benefits his lab is experiencing using a furnace from IBEX Dental Technologies.

A Q&A with CDT Steve Edmonds on the benefits his lab is experiencing using a furnace from IBEX Dental Technologies.

Q: Tell us a little about your lab?
SE: We are a full service dental laboratory in Springfield,  Mo, and have been in business for more than 30 years. We have implemented lean manufacturing concepts and digital technology into our daily production with great results. 95% of all our frameworks are produced using CAD/CAM, and we have seen a huge shift from traditional PFMs to full contour zirconia and zirconia substructures as most laboratories have seen.

Q: How did you first hear about IBEX Dental Technolgies and the Summit furnaces?
SE: We were actually purchasing a new casting machine from Garland Dental Services, and while “talking shop” with owner Daniel Serrago, we learned about his other company IBEX Dental Technologies and the Summit Press Daniel was working on, and we decided to give it a test run.

Q: What IBEX furnaces are you using, and how do they perform compared to other ovens you have owned?
SE: We currently have one IBEX Summit press. For the money, it competes quite well with the other name brand presses on the market that command a higher price tag.

Q: What impact have the IBEX furnaces had on your bottom line?
SE: It has been a great little workhorse without some of the headaches associated with other presses like constant tinkering and calibrating, and the price is right. We press rings with this unit several times a day, every day.

Q:  Are there any features of the oven that set it apart from other manufacturers?
SE: We experience a shorter  cool down time with the IBEX which allows us to load more rings into the press  throughout the day. The touch screen is very intuitive and easy to use. The IBEX is compact and has a small foot print; the money was obviously put into the guts of this press.

Q:  How important is it to you that IBEX furnaces are built in the United States?
SE:  More and more that becomes the right thing to do. When you can find a piece of equipment that is produced in the USA at a very competitive price, with support that comes directly from the developer of the unit, that is what I call value.

Q:  Ease of use and minimal maintenance is something people look for in their equipment; how easy is it to use and maintain this furnace? Was there any learning curve to using it?
SE: The IBEX is very simple to use without a lot of things getting in the way. We do not spend time fussing  around with this press. As with any new piece of equipment, they all have a  slight learning curve. Once you are comfortable with how the press operates, you will tend to forget about it because it delivers as advertised every time. In the event you need support, you make a phone call to Texas and speak with the builder. 


Summit and Summit Press
IBEX Dental Technologies’ Summit furnaces provide the consistent and predictable firings and pressings normally associated with the high-dollar imports while costing little more than domestically manufactured furnaces. Manufactured and assembled in Richardson, Texas, the Summit bridges the gap between the high-dollar imports and the domestically manufactured furnaces. Unique to the Summit, the patented “Radiance Ring” muffle design and state-of-the-art electronics provide unparalleled evenness of temperature over the entire firing tray and investment ring. The Summit features an intuitive and easy to use touch screen user interface. Other features include a rapid cooling fan that reduces wait times by up to half, and a front USB port for downloading and uploading user programs and installing new software. The Summit retails for $4,045 and the Summit Press for $5,045.

Apex Burnout Oven
IBEX Dental Technologies manufactures a burnout oven line which includes the full-featured 3-stage Apex and the single-stage, analog Apex SP ovens. Both ovens feature a large capacity chamber with a smaller footprint of 13” x 15”. Its unique 1,600-Watt muffle design radiates heat quickly and evenly. The thermocouple is sheathed for protection against corrosive gases and provides a long and reliable life. The Apex retails for $1,450 and the Apex SP for $995. Check with your dealer or call IBEX direct.