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At first glance, “denture teeth” might seem like a, well, old topic. Both literally, because they’re usually associated with devices made for octogenarians, but also figuratively, because denture teeth often don’t get the press other products do.

At first glance, “denture teeth” might seem like a, well, old topic. Both literally, because they’re usually associated with devices made for octogenarians, but also figuratively, because denture teeth often don’t get the press other products do.

And yet, as this round-up shows, huge advances have been made in denture teeth. Qualities like esthetics, strength and longevity have increased exponentially, and the teeth are more technologically advanced than ever.

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So don’t think of denture teeth as “old”-these aren’t your grandma’s teeth. They’re the cutting edge of dental lab technology and more than worth a second look.

Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent Removable offers a full range of denture teeth including Entry Level, Midline, Premium and Master Class. Additionally, they recently announced the addition of the full line of Candulor precision denture teeth to the Ivoclar Vivadent Removable line of products. Whether you are looking for a blend of value and esthetics or high performance, the Ivoclar Vivadent Removable tooth portfolio offers you more options, with quality at every level.

Ivoclar Vivadent

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SR Vivodent S

The SR Vivodent S features simplified mould and shade selection, proven resin technology and popular occlusal schemes. Designed to provide the perfect balance between quality, value and esthetics, the SR Vivodent S offers everything you need for efficient performance in a denture tooth.

  • Complete and Partial

  • PMMA material

  • Three-layer

  • Easy stock management: Optimized assortment size

  • Universal indication: Two posterior tooth concepts

  • Optimum Shade range: Ten A-D and two Bleach

  • Two occlusal schemes

  • Five-year warranty


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Mondial and Mondial i

Mondial® and Mondial® i denture teeth are designed to set the standard for exceptionally natural form and function. Both are CAD/CAM-fabricated using bilateral digitalization to make 100 percent identical pairing and zero dimensional deviation possible. They feature exclusive NanoPearl® technology, incorporating unique micro fillers, nano particles and a micro-hybrid reinforced polymer bead technology for unmatched toughness and resilience. Independent studies document a 50 percent higher abrasion resistance for these advanced materials versus conventional PMMA acrylic materials. The Mondial® line is said to be particularly well suited for anterior esthetics, as its three-layering technique creates an impressively natural appearance. The “i” in the Mondial® i name stands for many different things, including “implant.”  The line’s anatomical shape, larger molds and unsurpassed stress resistance make these denture teeth well suited for implant overdenture cases.

Heraeus Kulzer

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Portrait IPN Teeth

Made in the USA, Portrait® IPN® teeth have set the bar for esthetics, selection and wear since 1995. Available in 42 upper and 20 lower anterior molds, 27 upper and lower posterior molds, and 27 shades, Portrait IPN offers more than 2,400 mold/shade options for customizing patients’ smiles. And, with posterior teeth available in 0°, 10°, 20°, 22°, 33° and 40°, both balanced and lingualized occlusion are easy to set. Because DENTSPLY is so confident in the performance of Portrait IPN denture teeth, a lifetime warranty against breaking, cracking and excessive wear is offered. These same durability characteristics, combined with optimal esthetics, make Portrait IPN teeth well suited for implant-supported dentures.

DENTSPLY Prosthetics

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Willi Geller Creation Creapearl

Willi Geller Creation Creapearl denture teeth were designed by Master Technicians Willi Geller and Dieter Schulz to provide technicians with the most highly esthetic and functional denture teeth available. Regardless of denture application, Creapearl denture teeth are sure to satisfy technician and patient alike with their esthetic appeal and functional comfort. Designed to accommodate any of the customization demands faced by the denture technician, Creapearl teeth allow for large amounts of reduction (4.5 mm on certain teeth) without effecting translucency.

Jensen Dental

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Image APN® Resin Teeth

Image APN® Highly Wear Resistant Resin Teeth are available in a wide selection of popular American and European molds in the 16 A1-D4 shades plus two bleached shades. The teeth provide outstanding wear resistance as documented by a leading American university (study available upon request), while maintaining excellent bond strength. Image APN®’s three-layer composition, hardened acrylic, subtle blending and high degree of incisal translucency offer natural esthetics and wear resistant qualities that are equal to those of other premium denture teeth selling at a significantly higher price. All teeth are manufactured in an ISO facility and shipping is immediate from each of our three tooth stocking locations.

Lincoln Dental Supply

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Myerson Special

Myerson Special anterior teeth are hand-characterized in 11 different steps to give them a natural look unmatched in other premium brands. Myerson Special combines with Myerson DB Plus composite posterior teeth, which are reinforced with sub-micron silica to enhance their hardness and resistance to wear. For a more economical option with excellent esthetics and time-proven durability, Kenson is the professional choice. Kenson now includes a new Extra Large F35 posterior mold. This natural-looking, shallow cusp posterior is wider and longer than the popular F33 mold, making the F35 well suited for partial dentures. All Myerson and Kenson brand teeth are available in 16 matching VITA shades and one whiter white shade.


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Tribos 501

The Tribos 501 Anterior teeth V & LV are designed with brilliant natural layering. The natural three-dimensional form of the tooth allows the technician to adjust the position without opening the interdental space too far, thus providing ideal conditions for individualization of the denture. With suitable adjustment of the gingival mask and characteristics, the form of the Tribos V & LV anterior teeth can be varied by as much as up to 30 percent. This gives a huge number of individualized dental forms. The unique tooth stratification of the Tribos V & LV, together with a discreet incisal edge, silky-smooth surface structure and striking opalescent effects make these teeth stand out from the crowd offering solutions for all your prosthetics problems.


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Veracia SA

Shofu Dental has been producing denture teeth throughout Europe and Asia for more than 90 years. Veracia SA is a new, semi-anatomical denture tooth system composed of microfilled hybrid composite reinforced by layered glass. The homogenous nature of the material alleviates concern about fracturing of layers that can occur with other composite teeth. This gives the teeth excellent esthetics, outstanding durability, and exceptional bonding strength with the denture base. Enhancing the Veracia SA concept is the “Q3 Pack,” allowing for simultaneous set-up of four posterior teeth, greatly improving productivity and accuracy for even the lesser-trained lab technician. In the Q3 Pack, the teeth are separate within the template and, once removed, the teeth can be individually rotated or moved if necessary.


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VITA teeth

VITA has been active in the dental industry since 1924. Much has changed since then, but for VITA, one thing has remained the same: a desire to find increasingly better solutions for the production of perfect prosthetics. The demands and requirements of denturists and patients always have been primary focuses for VITA. Continuous innovation and high-quality materials are the secret to the beauty and success of VITA teeth. Vident offers a wide range of VITA denture teeth shapes and shades suitable for all indications, including full and partial dentures, combination cases, implants, temporary dentures and all occlusal setups.


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This article originally appeared in the February 2014 issue of Dental Lab Products.

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