Solve My Problem: Intelligence to find and book the right patient for the right time

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report April 2020, Volume 54, Issue 4

ChairFill from MMG Fusion automates practice scheduling and proactively communicates with patients.

Information provided by MMG Fusion.

The Problem

Keeping the practice schedule full is always a challenge


Even when the schedule fills up, lining up the right appointments at the right time of day remains difficult.

The Solution


  • Monitors available appointment times and analyzes patient data to identify and connect with patients who best match your custom parameters including procedure types, profit margins, and more

  • Leverages machine learning capabilities to automate unique communications with every potential patient

  • Uses targeted and custom messaging based on age, gender, and type of service in order to increase the probability of scheduling as patients see images and copy relevant to themselves

  • Customized messaging also includes the way the message is delivered, which is automatically selected based on patient preference or other identifying data

  • Designed to increase the number of patients and practice revenues while also reducing front desk workload

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