How to improve curing with VALIANT

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Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report May 2019, Volume 53, Issue 5

One dentist’s take on the benefits this curing light from Vista Dental Products offers.

Dr.Richard Mounce, an endodontist, first began using the VALIANT® multispectral curing light from Vista Dental Products last November. He says he hasn’t been disappointed with VALIANT.

This simple, durable device gives clinicians all the features they need for successful cures, such as speed/strength of curing, long battery life, small size, light weight and multiple modes, all at an affordable price.

The features

Dr. Mounce describes the VALIANT’s features as impressive, including the four LEDs that produce a uniform beam profile of high-intensity light in the 395 to 500 nm wavelength as well as the high-grade optics, including a built-in transilluminator light. This light makes it possible to check for fractures, cracks and residual caries without the need for a second piece of equipment.

VALIANT also offers three different power modes, allowing a quick and easy switch between procedures. The power modes include a standard 20-second cure (1,200 mw/cm2), a ramp-up 20-second cure (1,200 mw/cm2) and a boost mode (2,500 mw/cm2), which provides a high-powered, three-second cure.

“When fully charged, VALIANT can complete 150 20-second cures, which is more than enough to get through the day,” Dr. Mounce says. The versatile light features a multispectral curing range that allows it to polymerize nearly all light-cured composites. It also contains single-button operation and intuitive controls.

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The benefits                                                                                                 


When Dr. Mounce uses the VALIANT, he knows the total composite is being cured during treatment thanks to the light’s 6.8-mm depth of cure and versatility of application, giving him greater confidence in the end result.

“Combined with the Phasor™ composite warming gun, I have confidence from using heated composite and its improved flow blended with the powerful and consistent curing of VALIANT. That’s a great combination,” he says.

The VALIANT’s ergonomic design is another advantage, Dr. Mounce says. Other devices he’s used were too bulky, too heavy, too long, or too short and simply felt awkward. The VALIANT, on the other hand, is “just right,” according to Dr. Mounce.

“It is user friendly and fun to use,” he says. “The small head profile and lightweight aluminum body are easy to handle, especially in areas where space is limited.”

The economical, lightweight curing light is easy to handle, Dr. Mounce adds. It’s cordless, which makes it mobile, and its long battery life means it’s always ready for use. The light comes with a charging station as well as other accessories, including protective sleeves and a protective eye shield. The three-year warranty is a bonus.

Why you should invest in the VALIANT curing light

This value-priced, durable light provides clinicians with everything they need for successful cures, Dr. Mounce says. Patients spend less time in the chair and dentists spend less time chairside.

“In one simple device, VALIANT provides doctors with all the features they need for everyday applications,” he says "It has all the features we could ask for at a very competitive price."