Solve my problem: Soothe gum irritation and reduce harmful bacteria

Published on: 
Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report May 2019, Volume 53, Issue 5

PerioSpot provides targeted protection and therapy where gums need it most.

The problem: Gums can become inflamed and irritated at the site

After implant placement, scaling and root planing, or crown preps, or as part of ongoing periodontal treatment, gums often need extra care and protection.


The solution: PerioSpot™

  • PerioSpot™ is an antimicrobial and soothing gel designed to provide targeted therapy and protection of the gums

  • It is said to enhance traditional rinse therapy by providing a localized therapeutic boost at the site

  • The formula utilizes natural ingredients such as powerful essential oils, herbal extracts, aloe vera and xylitol to benefit gum health

  • The gel can be applied chairside and/or provided for patient home care

  • Its sticky viscous formula is designed to stay where you place it

  • PerioSpot is said to be ideal for stubborn inflammation and irritation sites